Bad Decisions

Bad Decisions

14 pax wished Marge and Queen a happy retirement from their site Q duties. It was truly something special and no doubt they chose the best Q to show them off properly.

The Thang

Proper disclaimer given.

Mosey to the frosty field for some warm up exercises.

Mosey down Summerlin to the 3rd speed bump for a triple nickel heading back up Summerlin. Merkins and jump squats. #urwelcome

Mosey back to jungle jim. 3 rounds of 10 pull ups, 20 merkins and 30 squats.

Back to field for about 8 rounds of sprints.

May have been a short stint of stomache’ somewhere in there.

Bareback Moleskin

I wasn’t planning to write a BB. Partially bc I am a veteran and I don’t care anymore but I also think after 6 years of F3 I’ve earned that right. Plus, HH has made writing BB’s not much fun after reading his post exercise banter. No one stands a chance. Not even HIPAA. Maybe Tiger Rag, but he no longer owns a computer and has permanently switched to a Jitterbug to accommodate his… nevermind I digress.

Most know, partially bc of the fumes expelled today, that I spent the last 3 days roaming the streets de Bourbon, Decatur and Frenchman in New Orleans. There was absolutely zero reason for me to Q today. But I’m a man of my word, most of the time. Come check out Kevlar tomorrow. It will be a sh*t show.

Lots of calls for me to call the Triple Nickel short. I won’t name ‘names’ but Gummy, Gloss, Hannibal to name a few – who weren’t in New Orleans the last 3 days – specifically wanted to cut it. No deal. We all suffered through it. A couple other pax, who I actually don’t know or it was dark and couldn’t tell, were secretly discussing how they were just going to tell the Q they were on #4 when we were really on #3. They didn’t see me lurking in the shadows and I heard every word. The shame. That’s the real reason we did all 5. I wanted to throw up. I think Marge actually did.

Think we lost Puddin to the bushes again. Not sure. He done disappeared.

Sprockets def didn’t spend the last 3 days in New Orleans. He was up front, way up front, the entire time. He was obviously just super duper excited that he was about to be named new site Q I guess. Lot’s of Kool-Aid flowing with him. Perfect for site Q material.

While Gloss did run the entire Trip Nick – he did exactly 3/30 pull ups, 10/60 merkins and about 17 squats. Give him credit though for those 17 squats as those are really going to help his beach bod in Florida this week. Yikes. Clean up on aisle 5 – there is hair everywhere. Yahtzee.

Good luck to Gummy and Sprickety Sprocket as they are the new site Q’s. It’s Gummy’s 19th lateral position change within F3. Congrats buddy. You got this. I see a lot a Yin and Yang between you two so this ought to be very special.

Gloss took us out in prayer and I thank him for that. This I don’t joke about unless, well like today, I’m pretty sure he said the P word during his prayer. We were all witnesses. It was something. Say your Hail Mary’s.

Ok I’m done. Getting bored and this is cutting into cocktail hour. Although I do find this quite therapeutic.

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