Those are three names I enjoy; Marvin, Velma, and Provo.

Those are three names I enjoy; Marvin, Velma, and Provo.

11 men gathered in the plush, velvety smooth parking lot of a local private school for the weekly edition of Hawks Nest/Hawk’s Nest/Hawks’ Nest. ‘Twas a bit chilly, but in a few months we’ll wish for these temps. I gave a nice disclaimer, aided by our local health care attorney, then we headed up the hill to one of Latin’s 37 fields for the warmup.

We did descending burpees (10,9,8,etc) throughout the workout. I’m thinking about making that a thing.

We did an exercise and running thing on the nice field. Then we went to the track for a quick 400. Puddin’ Pop demanded to know if that was really the only lap we were going to do before he committed to an effort level. That was followed by a partner thing where Partner 1 did People’s Chair while Partner B ran backwards up the hill. I don’t think I’ve seen that sweet track statue up near the tennis courts before – modeled after Hannibal in his glory days, no doubt. We found our way through the labyrinth to the driveway hill where we did a Triple Nickel. Then yogged back to the launch, interrupted by a Braveheart-style clashing of the tribes from Fast Twitch and Hawks Nest. It was majestic. Haze clearly didn’t have enough workout planned and had to make something up to fill the last few minutes.

A couple of other tidbits from the morning:
– Morningwood is an actual street in Charlotte. Fault Line lives nearby.
– We had a strong, subtle TWSS this morning when Puddin’ Pop said, “Do we have to go all the way every time?” Classy

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LaZBoyPosted on9:30 pm - Mar 19, 2019

Hate I missed the fun! I’m tapering for my weekend in Killington VT

VoodooPosted on2:08 pm - Mar 20, 2019

That is an extremely detailed backblast, Gummy. Solid C+ effort level there. For the record, the Fast Twitch pax dominated the Hawks Nest pax in the clashing of the tribes. We were able to channel our anger at Haze for making us run up and down some stupid hills for an hour.

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