3 brave men joined me this morning for a wet ignition post. The plan was to clock miles and still get in a few exercises and we did that. Props to Zinfandel and Wolverine (2nd post in a row) for coming out in the rain to chase Hollywood around.

DiCCS mentioned

The Thang:

As we departed the school we saw Centerfold rolling in..late but with the weinke strapped on tight there was no turning back.

Mosey to Lawson clubhouse – square up

10 SSH

10 Merkins

10 Plank Jacks

10 IW

Mosey to playgroud – Pullups/merkins

I intended on partner pull-ups but when I got the “Really Deadwood” look from Hollywood and Wolverine I told them to just knock them out. Zin and I partnered but I’m not sure we even needed to. I didn’t really assist him and I’m not sure how much he helped me…

5 pullups, flapjack – 5 merkins – 4 pull-ups, flapjack – 5 merkins – 3 Pull-ups…you get it. Hit the trail behind the playground.

Stop at PEARMAIN/OXFORD – 2 burpees

Left on PEARMAIN to DEERMEADOW – 2 burpees each Intersection

Right on DEER MEADOW to Cul da sac.. Bear Crawl around island.

Hit the trail – take right – When trail splits stay right to cul da sac.

Mosey to CONGAREE – 5 Merkins – TAKE LEFT

At PEARMAIN – 5 jump squats – TAKE A RIGHT

Each Intersection – Alternate 5-M, 5-JS

Right at DEER MEADOW – Bear crawl Cul da sac

Burpee for 6

Hit the trial – at the split take left and right

@ Lawson Dr – Burpee for 6

Take a right to Clubhouse to Playground

REPEAT pull-up/merkin –  5,4,3,2,1 pullups – 5 merkins each set.

5 – LBC Indian Run Back.

Cross Cuthbertson RD– 10 LBC all the way to Transporters shed.

Suicide from transporter shed – 5, 10, 15, 20 jumps squats each light pole down and back.


Wolverine, you are a BEAST! Hollywood had a big lead and I think Wolverine was feeling sorry for myself and Zin so he was hanging back until he had enough. He turned it on and caught right up with Hollywood with no problem. Zin, my man, nice work today! I keep hearing you say your not a runner…not buying it. Hollywood you killed it as usual and I think next time I Q I will ride a bike so I can give you a better workout.

Thanks for letting me lead guys, I enjoyed it. 5.4miles

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