This is absolutely Deadwood writing this….

This is absolutely Deadwood writing this….

Hey guys, it’s me….DW! As you all can assume already, I started planning this workout years ago. With such an awful site like old #87, nearly any PAX member can have success here…..

I had a goal of avoiding any and all Mary since my abs are already looking spectacular. My wife calls my stomach the most impressive thing on my entire body. I’m not sure what that means because it small and has zero definition. I hope she lets me in on the joke soon.

Anyways, I ended up running the PAX until they couldn’t breath any longer. While I have a wienke wrist thingy now I’ve actually just slipped in a mirror. Now when I’m out so far ahead of everyone I can sneak a look at myself and think “who’s that good looking guy in there?” Makes me giggle every time….

Time for the show. DiCCS reviewed.


Around a 3/4 mile mosey to the track at the school – circle up on ball court for Warmup:

  • 30 SSH
  • 15 Crab Cakes
  • 5 Reg Merkins
  • 5 Wide Merkins
  • 5 Wider Merkins
  • 5 Diamond Merkins
  • 6” Plank
  • Single leg toe Plank – Hold 10 seconds
  • Flip Flop

Mosey to Bad Idea 7×7 – Subtract 1 each round

  • Bottom – 7 Speed Skater (Each Leg)
  • Top – 7 Merkins

Mosey to BBall Court – Side to Side 7’s – 1-6, 2-5, 3-4, etc with Merkins at both sides

Mosey to Dreamchasers – Burpee Every 5th Light pole

Run the Block – Audible Halfway down and back

  • 5 Jump Squats
  • 1 burpee

Timing running low, Mosey to Keith Jong Hill with 2 Splinter Masters at stop sign


Once I nearly lapped everyone I was forced to Mary by myself. Al Gore was my go to or when annoyed by loud breathing I would call an audible to show those that aren’t as fit at me, Deadwood, some mercy. As I said before it’s absolutely me still writing this.

A few nightlights was Rudy locating us in the gloom a few minutes after the start and joining us at our first warmup, well done bro!

At one point I asked Chainsaw if he wanted 10 count and he blurted out, “NO! I will still out run you Philip!” Classic father-son moment.

Gerber brought an FNG but didn’t circle back for his nephew much. FNGs counts were off a bit forcing him to be an overachiever but he hung strong. It’s just about time we get the Gerber Q….

Speaking of Qs, Airdrop continues to push hard and we need more stories from this guy. Constantly at the front and if I’m being honest me, Deadwood, the site Qs for the Floater put on a clinic on closing those ready for their VQ. Incredible stuff MB and Zin. See you in March Airdrop for your cherry pop!

Thanks to all 10 PAX that joined this morning! Welcome Depends, our FNG and temporary Briarcrestonite. Fresh college graduate turned sales rep for nursing homes, hence the nickname. Hope he joins again!

Thanks to MB for taking us out.


Dasher on Q tonight!

Deflated on Q tomorrow!

Popeye on Q Saturday!

Something else happening I’m sure I’m missing….

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