Boombox Jamin’

Boombox Jamin’

Beaver had a blue-light escort to Q this morning’s Gumby. They were going to cart him off to the big house, but when they learned he was the Gumby Q, they let him off with just a light fine and stern talking to.

Anywho, here’s how the rest of the morning went…

The Thang:

  • Qi Gung forms to warm-up
  • Corpse Pose – Savasana
  • Child’s Pose
  • Cat-Cow
  • Downward Dog
  • Forward Fold
  • Lunge on Knee
  • Hamstring Heel stretch, Lunge on knee
  • Lunge on Knee – twist with elbow to opposite knee
  • Sun Salutions – Mountain Pose into Chaturanga – 3
  • Downward dog, to plank 12 inches, Upward facing dog
  • Back to Downward dog
  • Back Plank
  • Arm Circles
  • Warrior I, each leg
  • Warrior II, each leg
  • Wide Leg Forward Bend, each leg
  • Tree pose, each leg
  • Pigeon, each leg


YHC raised the audio bar by going old school and bringing possibly the biggest “boombox” ever made.  After setting up, YHC, of course, forgot to turn on the music until Tweetsie alerted that the music was in fact not playing.  This is the second time in two Gumby Q’s where YHC forgot to turn on the music – a pattern may be developing.

After “course correcting” for the audio portion of the program, we began the workout with Qi gung forms and then practiced yoga / stretching to synchronize mind, body and spirit, and seek enlightenment. 

As a public service announcement, on the way to the workout, YHC’s wallet was “enlightened” by learning that the speed limit on Fullwood has recently been changed to 35 MPH.  Please be careful on Fullwood, unless you want your wallet to be “enlightened” as well. 😊

Thanks everyone for the opportunity to lead!



Next week Damn Gina’s VQ

March 9th is the Joe Davis Race for Recovery. Sign up. There’s a 5K and 10K, so you have no excuse. It supports a good cause and is one of the big “all F3” events of the year.

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