Best way to stay warm is just to run …

Best way to stay warm is just to run …

Editor’s note: Lois posting on behalf of Sensei.

My thermometer said 25 at 5am, and since I was Q at Sparta I kinda had to get up and go. I wasn’t sure how many other guys would show up, but at 5:15 there were 11 folks with just as questionable judgment as myself in the Matthews Elementary parking lot. The plan was simple: When it’s really cold, the best way to stay warm is to run, and keep running. Since Sparta is a running workout, the Weinke took care of itself.

We launched out from MES and ran the Labor Day Kiwanis 5K course (AKA the Peak 51 pre-run route).

Once we got back to Trade St. via Charles, we looped back around to Ames, hung a right on John St. and ran up to Christ Covenant Church.

We were still good on time so we cut through the church parking lot over to Fullwood, ran down to Trade St. took a left and headed back to the launch point.

It was 6:07, so rather than stand around we ran a couple of laps around First Baptist church for the remaining time.

By 6:15 we stopped and had 6 miles in. Not a bad days’ work.

We stopped along the route to do squats, feet shuffle, or whatever guys do to stay warm to wait on the 6. Though, this was a strong crowd so we did not have to wait much at all.

Chilly Skin:

Most of us got in 2 laps around the church at the end, but Stone Cold got in 3. Strong work, sir.

Supposedly The Mouth was there. It sounded like him, but The Mouth is usually a warm weather creature; it was December and it was hard to tell with the balaclava covering all but his eyes. Seriously, thanks for coming out. See you again in… June???

You know it’s cold when Strange Brew is wearing a shirt.

Sparta is a great workout. I think this is only the 2nd time I have not attended Peak 51 in my 4+ years of F3.

Gypsy, a Sparta regular was Q for Peak today. Since we share a launch point we may do some additional Q swapping in the future.

You can’t go wrong posting to either workout. Great folks all around.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead and run with the Sparta crowd.

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