Skunks activate beast mode

Skunks activate beast mode

So, one of the worst beatdowns YHC has ever survived was, well, about this time a year ago, when Smokey Q’d this very workout the Tuesday after the Tennessee Volunteers took a bad loss to Florida. At the time, YHC thought, “Man, that’s rough to take out your football team’s frustrations on a group of unsuspecting PAX.”

So, this past Saturday, YHC’s South Carolina Gamecocks took a bad loss (again) to Kentucky. Guess who is Q’ing Skunk Works, y’all?

So, after a lovely disclaimer where Tulip may or may not have been thrown under the bus due to his absence, 12 PAX buckled up with their bells and, well, it went a little something like this:


  • Mosey to the rock, touch it, mosey back
  • Side-straddle hops x20 IC
  • 10 swings OYO
  • Imperial walker x20 IC
  • 15 swings OYO
  • Mountain climber x20 IC
  • 20 swings OYO
  • And, since Chin Music and Header didn’t want to join in the first time, mosey to the rock, touch it, mosey back


Gather at the corner of the track to battle The Beast — with apologies to Smokey, Header and Sanka. For the uninformed, it’s 6 reps each at 6 stations, 6 different exercises. If anyone felt uneasy doing this, they were informed that they could do 7 reps. #ModifyAsNeeded.

So, the 6 stations were the 4 corners of the track, along with the middle of the straightaways. This is a fun routine as is, let’s see how fun it is with KBs thrown in, as, well, you have to mosey with the KB between stations.

  • Round 1: Curls
  • Round 2: Squats
  • Round 3: Swings
  • Round 4: Upright rows
  • Round 5: On-bell merkins
  • Round 6: Good mornings

We peppered in 20 LBCs after round 2, 20 flutters after round 4 and 20 Freddie Mercuries after round 6.

After battling The Beast, let’s line up on the straightaway for the track. As repentance for invoking the mark of the beast with 6s, let’s make the next thing uplifting by invoking the number of Biblical perfection with some 7s.

Start with 1 overhead press, run to the other end of the field, do 6 bomb jacks (some PAX had a different name for this that, well, YHC can’t even remember).

Run back, 2 OHP, run, 5 bomb jacks, etc. etc. etc. until we’ve reached 6 OHP and 1 bomb jack.

Finally, partner up. Let’s make this easy —

  • Partner 1 does called exercise, in this case, lawnmowers
  • Partner 2 runs to the other end, does a burpee, runs back
  • Flapjack until we’ve reached 100 reps.

Enough of that, head back to the parking lot, circle up for …


  • Dolly x20 IC
  • Heels to heaven x15 IC
  • Rosalita x15 IC

Time called.


  • Count-o-rama
  • Name-o-rama
  • Nice takeout by Chin Music



Let them SOAR! 5K coming November 10. It’s a race + Speed for Need launching from the home of Skunk Works, Christ Covenant/Covenant Day. Pre-blast here.


As stated before, The Beast is a go-to for me when I Q. I’ve never attempted, nor made others attempt, to do it with KBs. It was, well, a beast of a workout. Getting around the backside of the track, the bell started to get a little heavy.

And speaking of heavy bells, Funky Cold had it kind of rough. Apparently Dollywood (absent) has his normal bell, so he was borrowing a 45-lb bell. Upon hearing this news, I immediately felt pretty bad. Not bad enough to change anything, but, sorry nonetheless.

Tweetsie was a bit confused by the format of the workout, as he tried to bolt ahead of the rest of the PAX when we all stopped for the 2nd station on the track.

#Mumblechatter was interesting on my end, as I learned about the state of athletics at Carmel Christian from Header, and the state of private-school education in the area with Header, Arena and Yeti. Apparently, even though I am a longtime member of Carmel Baptist, I didn’t realize we had some ringer teams taking the field for CCS. Hey, I’m in favor of it.

Also glad to have Smokey back after his stint in New Bern, I think it was, doing relief work in the wake of Hurricane Florence. Keep all those affected in your prayers.

Chime in with any missed #mumblechatter.

Great work all around this morning. This workout is an essential part of my week, and it was an honor to lead this esteemed group of #HIM.

Thanks to Funky Cold and Tulip for the opportunity.


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