Blazing Saddles Brings the Heat

Blazing Saddles Brings the Heat


1 lap around field then partner up with like size bell. 3 rounds: Partner 1 farmer carries bells around track while partner 2 does said exercise. Round 1: Merkins, round 2: Low Slow squats, round3: LBC’s

The Thang

After a brisk warm up and the forearms got loose carrying the bells around the track 3 times, we continued with the partner exercise.

6 rounds of partner 1 doing said exercise w/bells at the goal line while partner 2 AYG to other goal line and did 10 Merkins. The object was between the 2 partners hit the called # of reps.

  • Round 1: 2 handed swings – 200 reps
  • Round 2: Upright rows- 200 reps
  • Round 3: Goblet or Teabag squats – 200 reps
  • Round 4: Lawnmowers- 150 reps
  • Round 5: One arm press- 100 reps
  • Round 6: Good mornings-100 reps

As the six finished, time had expired so no COT.

15 Pax joined in for a cool morning with plenty of kettle bell exercises, reps, sprints and Merkins. Not too much chatter as the men of skunkworks worked hard to finish each round. Many were happy for a freshly cut field!! Lots of reps and sprints kept everyone busy.

Lois took the group out with prayer.

Thank you to Tulip and Funky Cold for letting me Q!


  • F3 dads October 7 3-5pm at Kinetic Heights
  • Funky Cold left his kettlebell at the site and went back to grab it but it was gone. If anyone has any leads, reach out to him.


*Posted on behalf of Blazing Saddles

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