Steady rotation at the Bermuda Triangle

Steady rotation at the Bermuda Triangle

17 Pax at CCHS for another week at Centurion – no pavers this week (your welcome Champagne – I’m getting soft in my old age).

The Thang:

Warm up with IW’s X11, Diamons X11, Mtn Climbers X11

Mosey out of lot, accross 51, and over to base of big hill behind Amelies.   Reverse Bermuda Triangle route (Hurricanes do rotate counter clockwise  – left turns all the way just like Nascar) with following modifications:

  1. Backward run down straight-away to stop sign
  2. Bear crawl up side-walk to tables
  3. 10 dips and 10 decline merkins
  4. Side plank walk down side-walk to end
  5. Mosey over to other straight-away
  6. Broad jump (walk for Pro) down to light pole
  7. Run up to top of hill and do 1 burpee

Repeat 4 more times, increasing the burpee count by 1 each round.   The rabbits did some mary waiting on the six.

Line up in parking lost and down to six inches.  Sprint down to end of lot and back to six inches.   We did this a few times.

Mosey over to parking lot by Amelies for some work – low flutter x11, slow squats X11, CDD X11, SSH X1

Mosey over to picnic benches in front of school for quick circuit of 10, 15, and 10 step ups and incline merkins

Mosey around the football field and back to launch point.  Finish with boat/canoe and them burpees for 30 seconds


Pretty standard stuff with the same chatter from the same guys.   Purple Haze pointed out Nascar drivers take only left turns when questioning my route at the Bermuda Triangle before quickly realizing he has been doing it wrong all along.  Your welcome.   Prohibition actually did almost 50% of the exercises today so he is improving (a bit).  Champagne continues is unjust criticism of my form and thus future requests related to pavers will be ignored.

Scabby was out front even though he just finished 4 man BRR run (52 miles) and getting ready for Table Rock Ultra (50k) next weekend.    That is beast mode (and just stupid).

Tried to slow down the young fast guys but mostly succeeded in wearing myself out.   Don’t even have energy for an average BB so this will have to do.


Nada/zilch – Time to get some momentum in Area 51 – 3rd F

Take out – We prayed for all in the path of Hurricane Florence.

As always, an honor to lead this group.

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LoraxPosted on3:09 pm - Sep 14, 2018

With you on Q and a hurricane coming, I knew the forecast was 100% Bermuda Triangle and you did not disappoint. I am hoping Florence can shave some height off of Palentine, that thing seems to get worse every time.

Chelms aka TatertotPosted on3:13 pm - Sep 14, 2018

I think the site Q’s should organize a work party to build stairs up Palentine. That would make it not quite as bad. The steep slope on long grass is tricky.

High TidePosted on4:47 pm - Sep 19, 2018

Burpees on an ant hill on top of Palentine are also no Bueno. Yet another reason to not do burpees (as if I needed another…).

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