Full Moon Flexibility

Full Moon Flexibility

7 PAX showed up in the parking lot of Elevation Church-Blakeney on Wednesday morning, yet only 6 stayed to focus on their flexibility at F3 Pokey. A disclaimer was finally provided and we were ready to go with our dynamic stretching to warm up:

Walking Butt kicks

Knee Ups with twist

Toy soldiers


Stretching emphasis on IT band, calf and hamstrings all poses held for a PR (Pokey Record) 1:15.


The pre-ruck option is going strong at Pokey. Those of you who enjoy rucking may want to join One-Niner and Bounty Hunter in their trek around Blakeney. It was so tough this morning that Bounty Hunter had to leave before the regular workout.

Rock Thrill made his first appearance at Pokey and joined me on the pre-walk option. I think RT now has Pokey fever and will be back.

The crew this morning was very chatty, must have been the full moon.

Thank you Haggis for taking us out.

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