Catch me if you can

Catch me if you can

A few weeks ago, Bushwood posted about needing Qs for Donut Run and I was glad to send over my credentials, “Slowest guy there”. But, I still show up!

On Wednesday afternoon, I posted on Slack and Twitter that we would be doing the Reverse South route. This is 6 miles, but I also posted on Slack about how to get a little more. I also put out the Challenge, can you catch me by Rea Road?

On Wednesday July 25th, we had run the South Route. On that day, I had averaged a 10:08/mile. I started that day at 5:05 am and remember Bushwood and 1 other passing me at Olde Providence Elementary School.

Today, I started a touch later at 5:10 am. I figured that I would be caught about 3-4 miles in. I know that most guys at the Donut Run average 8/mile or less.

So the run… my first 2 miles still aren’t right. Sure, I’m fresh, but just haven’t gotten into a good pace. Somewhere on Providence, I was passed by a muscular guy (with a beard) wearing a baseball cap backwards. Did Purple Haze come out to Donut Run? Or maybe, this was Polly?

I had planted a water Bottle at Raintree Lane. Right about then, 2 guys passed. Somewhere after Strawberry Lane, I hear “Jello is that you”. 4 guys approached, they weren’t muggers! Fleetwood, Turkey Leg, 1 other, and Rachel passed me by.

Somewhere along this, some dude was riding a bicycle on the sidewalk. Thankfully, he called out. That could have been bad!

I’m approaching Rea thinking, “Is that it?” and don’t you know it… it is “Mr. Consistency” Retread. Talk about a guy with a consistent pace – that’s him! I know at Mountain Goat on Friday, I always try to be able to see him. If I see him, then I know I’m going fine. And indeed, for that last mile and a quarter I was able to keep him in site.

I finished the day averaging a 9:51/mile. Less than 10 minutes! Whoo-hooa! I think the difference was mile 4, which I did in 10:29 and that was with my Water bottle plant. A month ago, my mile 4 was 11:40. I’m pleased with the progress.

A lot of this backblast has been about “Me”. Heck, I thought about writing it in 3rd person, “The Jello finished the day averaging a 9:51/mile”. I think “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson was the best at talking in 3rd person, so I won’t try.

Okay, so somewhere in South Charlotte there are some PAX who can run a slow 5k and are looking to improve. Do yourself a favor – come out to Donut Run! Sure, these guys are “real runners” and all of them “caught me”.  I’m breaking a 10 minute mile on longer distances because of them – THANK YOU!

These are good guys. Be willing to ask questions and learn. They will help you – I’ve asked about heart rate monitoring, turnover, watches, and how to lace your shoes! They are super encouraging, not making it about times but just getting out and running. I remember talking about Bushwood about planning to do my first 10k at end of September (Isabella Santos) and he said something like, “Don’t worry about time, just go out and do it”. I guess Nike had it right, “Just Do It”. Hope to see you at Donut Run in the future!


Boston Marathon 2019 Hotel reservations – Turkey Leg is asking if anyone is planning to run it as Hotel Reservations fill up quickly in Boston.

Crane Relay – You can still register. I’m continuing to spread the rumor that the slow guys are Team Captains. That might not be true, but it’s a rumor that I’m spreading.

Paint Ball – Sept 15th Area 51 vs SOB. Check Slack for a sign-up sheet.

Great Wolf Lodge – On Nov 9th. Group reservation code is #1811F3BA. See Slack or Ask Madame Tussauds for more info.

Thanks for the takeout by Fleetwood.

Apologies to the missed names, let me know and I’ll edit the BackBlast.

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