A Case of the Mondays

A Case of the Mondays

14 Pax kicked off the final Monday of July with a trip to The Matrix for some AMRAP action.


Four stations set on the MRES campus:

#1 – Select a lifting rock (good work everyone, YHC didn’t see any pebbles) and complete 25 reps each of shoulder press, flutter press, and curl.

#2 – Brisk run to playground for 5 burpees and 5 pull-ups.

#3 – Slightly less brisk run to track for 2o reps each of LSS, LBC, and flutter followed by one lap around the track.

#4 – Run to back of school for 20 step-ups and 20 merkins.

Repeat the circuit as many times as possible until 0613. Return rocks, gather in parking lot for COT.


McGee, Purell, and Rachel led the way, completing five laps of the course. YHC would call them Larry Birds, but that description is quite dated. Everyone else completed three or four rounds. Great work by Red Riding Hood posting for his second week of F3. YHC was bringing up the Six, and didn’t catch much in the way of mumblechatter. Something about Rachel running people off the road in Ireland. Pop Tart and YHC agreed that we hate Mondays. Pro rolled in hot at 0531 and exited his car before it stopped moving. All in all, it was a typical morning at The Matrix.


September 15: A51 vs. SOB paintball battle

October 26: Register for The Crane Relay

Thursdays at Waverly: Please join McGee for his new (W)AMRAP workout. Friends don’t let friends post alone.





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