The Murderhorn Had a Baby

The Murderhorn Had a Baby


  • Mosey in a small circle around the parking lot and circle up for COP (and for Cheddah to join us)
  • After COP, mosey (carefully) north on Elm, across 485, and make a left on Endhaven
  • Pause for some merkins and plank while waiting for the 6
  • Take a right on Prince Edward and left on Hickory Forest, plank it up at the dead-end at Ridgemore Drive
    • Round 1: Run to the right down Ridgemore to the first cul-de-sac on your right. 20 HR Merkins, 20 Jump Squat. Back up the hill to where we started.
    • Round 2: Run to the left up Ridgemore to the cul-de-sac. 20 HR Merkins, 20 Jump Squat. Back down the hill to where started.
    • Round 3: Run to the right down Ridgemore. 20 Jump Squat. Run all the way up to the top of the hill. 30 HR Merkins. Run back down to where we started.
  • Mary
  • Return the way we came and stop at base of much shorter, much steeper hill on Prince Edward
    • Forward sprint to 1st light, turn around, backward sprint rest of the way up to 2nd light, return to the bottom
    • Backward sprint to 1st light, turn, forward sprint to 2nd light, stay at the top
  • Mosey back down Endhaven, pausing for a line of monkey humpers halfway, and back down Elm to launch
  • People’s chair on back of movie theaters
    • Air press, donkey kicks, sprint up the hill, return to the chair
    • Wait for the 6, 10-count, donkey kicks, sprint up the hill, return to the chair
    • Wait for the 6, 2x 10-count, donkey kicks, sprint up the hill, return to the chair
  • Mosey back towards launch lot and line up abreast
    • 10 CDD, bear crawl to first parking line, 10 CDD, bear crawl back
    • 10 jump squat, lunge walk to first parking line, 10 jump squat, lunge walk back
  • AYG (about 100 feet) back to launch



We’ve all seen an ugly baby from time to time, and we all know how it goes. When you first lay eyes on it, so new and fresh, you can’t help but (rightfully) think what a miracle it is.

But, once you’ve had time to look at it a little more. To see the forehead that’s a little wonky. The eyes that aren’t quite spaced right. All the little details you missed in that first glance. That is when you realize the truth of it all. Although it’s soul is, and always will be, beautiful — this is, for the moment, one ugly ass baby.

That was our experience with the Murderhorn’s spawn this morning. It was not until the 3rd trip, when we ran the hill from the bottom all the way to the cul-de-sac at the top, that we recognized it as a true thing of nightmares. Don’t think it’s quite as long as the Horn, but I swear it hurt just as bad. So, we dry heaved for a few minutes and then got the hell out of there. Still, it was fun interesting visiting fresh (possibly virgin) Maul territory and I for one hope someone takes us back. Caution is definitely warranted on Elm and Endhaven, but it wasn’t all that bad and once we got into the neighborhood we didn’t see a single car (that I remember).

Quiet bunch this yesterday morning once we hit Endhaven. Charlotte 10-Miler race veterans did make themselves known with their collective groans as we turned down Prince Edward. This friendly little set of hills is towards the very end of that race and is, by what I could gather from the expletives muttered, a definite crowd pleaser there as well. Frasier, who ran repeats up the hill encouraging PAX at this year’s 10 miler, may be the only person who truly thinks this baby is cute.

Had a great time with you all this yesterday morning. Work travel (and Stanley Cup hockey) kept me out of the gloom for longer than I like. Never realize just how much you miss it until you are right back in the middle of it. If you know one, call up a kotter this weekend and tell him how much we need him out there with us.



  • Convergence on Monday (6/18) at The Big House to celebrate the life of Dumpster Fire’s brother, Tom Maxim, and to stand with DF as he mourns the recent loss of Tom. Please join if you can and, if not, keep Dumpster Fire and his mother and entire family in your prayers. Pre-run @ 0500; Boot camp @ 0530;
  • Q School 101 this Saturday, 6/16, at 0600 at the Panera in Ballantyne. 1 hour workout followed by coffee/discussion. We will wrap it up by 8. Please come or pass the message on to someone who may benefit from it.

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