A Strange Monday for Marathon Training

A Strange Monday for Marathon Training

The morning started out strange. But doesn’t every Monday when we are committing to drag ourselves out of bed after a summer weekend in order to run 5 miles. This is where we ran:


Up Adrey Kell Rd past the high school and make a right into the first neighborhood. Make an immediate left onto Zackery Ave, right on Pomerane Pl. left on Brandon Brook Drive and right on Old Adrey Kell. Into another neighborhood running on Honeynut, Hazelview, Linden Tree and  Society Street. Leave the neighborhood, cross Community House Rd to do a short loop of  Highgrove Street, Fortbridge Lane, Summer Club Rd., Pemswood St and back out to Community House, left on Adrey Kell and back to the AO for stretching by Paper Jam


The morning seemed normal enough, as I rounded the corner there was Bunker’s SUV parked in his spot and I was ready to do my warm up routine. The next thing I knew there was a silver pick up truck pulling up. I figured it had to be Depth Charge. I was wrong. It was Bratwurst arriving a little after 5. If that was not strange enough, Bunker announced that he is running with me this morning. I became immediately concerned that he injured himself or may have been feeling sick this morning. He assured me that all was well, this was a new marathon training program that he is working on which requires a PJ pace on Monday. So I guess I am now training for a marathon. To top it off, Bratwurst started running in the opposite direction (towards the big fountain) to go thru the shopping center instead of in the direction of the new Shake Shack.

Glad Enron brought us back to normal with a nice take out.

Another Monday in the books.

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