Back to the Hills

Back to the Hills

At F3 Mountain Goat, one thing we like to do is keep the muscles, lungs and hearts confused.  After 2 weeks on the track, it was time for a trip back to the hills… the Hills of Raintree, that is!

Easy enough plan:

  1. Mosey to bottom of Raintree Ln/Raintree CC gravel parking lot
  2. Dynamic stretching
  3. I-pace to the top of Raintree/4-Mile Creek intersection x 3 with mosey back to the start.
  4. 4th time was 2:00 minutes, then return to SCMS parking lot.

DONE!  Everyone got between 4.5-5 miles total!  Excellent job!


A trip to “Slim Fast Hill” is always a good time.  I promise you, adding that workout 1-2 times/month will guarantee us to be ready for BRR!  You cannot get to the top without being completely winded!  And that is GOOD!

Fleetwood led the way, with Sensei, Nomad, Strange Brew, Retread, Insomniac, Drano and Jello giving chase.

T-claps to Gullah, Kilowatt, Damn Gina and Pele for giving 100% every interval!  You guys keep getting stronger!

Lois… tremendous improvement every week!  The training is really paying off!

Final recognition to Spidey (Ayden Pauls)… Way to give it all you had!  We’ll look forward to having both you and your Dad back anytime to join us!

Special thanks this weekend to those who have protected our freedoms!  Jello, Nomad and Strange Brew…. thanks for your service!!


  1. Area 51 Convergence – Saturday 0700 at Calvary.
  2. F3 Convergence – Monday Memorial Day 0700 at Symphony Park, followed by PatriotFest 5k run.
  3. Let Retread or Kilowatt know if you’re interested in BRR… and aren’t already on a team!

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High TidePosted on1:49 pm - May 30, 2018

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