Corre por la colina

Corre por la colina

25 Pax showed up to start the weekend off right and enjoy my first rainless Q I can recall in quite some time. An adequate disclaimer was given and the PAX was encouraged to modify at their own risk.

The Thang

We left launch and headed towards the Carmel Village parking lot. We circled up for COT, 15 x imperial walkers, 15 x cotton pickers, 10 x merkins, 10 mountain climbers. I heard limited to no heckling during my cadence, which I consider a win.

From there we partnered up. Partners met in the middle of the 2nd floor of shopping center 20 x squats, then 10 hand-slap merkins when they met back up on the first floor (x3)

We then moseyed across 51 to Carmel Commons to the office courtyard area. Partners were to collectively complete 100 dips, derkins, inclined merkins, step-ups (each leg), the other partner ran to and up the hill behind the shopping center completing 10 burpees at the top. Partners alternated until complete. Mermaid led Mary while waiting for everyone to finish.

YHC did not plan beyond this, so I made up the rest. We moseyed back across 51 to the CC parking deck. Running up to the top of the deck we stopped for 5 merkins at each turn. At the top the Pax led 15 counts of Mary, except for Margo who modified to a 25 count. With a few minutes to spare we moseyed back to launch and held plank until 6:15.


Sign up to be a First Tee Coach – Training on 4/14 – See Chelms

Richard Sheltra 5k/10k – 4/28

Men’s Retreat – Mission Uprising NC – 5/3-5/5 (google mission uprising NC for more info)

Thanks to Shoe for the takeout. Great work by the entire group this morning. It has been a little while since YHC has been out, so I’m definitely feeling it a bit this afternoon. Thanks to Margo and Udder for the opportunity to lead a great group of guys.



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HopsPosted on9:26 pm - Mar 16, 2018

You forgot -ye Olde moleskine, so I will fill in a few blanks :

Mermaid had a glow about him the entire morning with Buffalo having won their first NCAA tournament game
Kotters to Bugeater. Great to have the #HappyNebraskan Back In The Gloom
Scratch and win, leprechaun and bug hurt my feelings by not including me in the clown car, but just as well as I had to make a quick exit #angryturtle
Purple Haze questioned why checkpoint and I don’t park ass in with our trucks. Answer equals we’re comfortable in our masculinity in not doing so
Chelms was giving Shoe instructions on how to do the flying squirrel at the top of palatine
Solid Q No Show

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