Hawk’s Nest – new Area 51 boot camp – launches Tuesday, March 13th

  • When:03/13/2018
  • QIC: Doc McStuffins & Hops - Site Q's

Hawk’s Nest – new Area 51 boot camp – launches Tuesday, March 13th

What: Hawk’s Nest – Launch

When: 0530 Tuesday March 13, 2018

Where: Charlotte Latin School (enter gate off Raintree Lane)

Who: Area 51 Pax as well as pax from SOB, UC, Metro, et al

Why: Area 51 needs a Tuesday boot camp (there isn’t one currently)

Why Not:


Who EH’d you for your FNG post to F3?  Have you thanked him/them lately?  While F3 has been more impactful for some than others, if you’re still posting – it means something to you.

A new AO can infuse some new energy into things.  Our hope is that the launch of Hawk’s Nest at Charlotte Latin will do just that.


** Hawk’s Nest inaugural launch will be 0530 on Tuesday, March 13th.

Also, starting 3/13 — the Fast Twitch pax will now launch from Charlotte Latin at 0515.  The Hawk’s Nest and Fast Twitch pax will both finish at 0615, and we’ll do a joint COT every Tuesday.

A “thank-you” to the SOB pax for the idea for this approach which has worked very well with Bagpipe & Swift.

Co Site-Q’s Doc Mcstuffins & Hops are excited to bring a much-needed Tuesday boot camp workout to the Area 51 pax (as well as SOB, UC, Metro and anyone else obviously).

For the inaugural launch – the workout Q privilege will be split between Hops & Mermaid — our esteemed Area 51 N’antan.


Also, thanks to CR (F3Nation Corporate Expansion Czar and Area 51 resident) for securing the access to Charlotte Latin as an AO.

Please enter campus from the gate off of Raintree Lane.  We will park in the 2nd lot on the left.


So….back to remembering your first post and the pax who EH’d you.  There are so many other men who need this.  They are your neighbors, friends and co-workers.  You know them.  EH them and/or Re-EH a pax who’s drifted away.  Let’s give away what we’ve found.  Aye?!



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Hair BandPosted on3:54 am - Mar 10, 2018

We’ve actually had #F3Thrive in Indian Trail for about 2-3 years now but but another Tuesday bootcamp AO in that area is a solid option.

The Rain Can’t Stop Us…Well, Maybe It Stopped One of Us – F3 South CharlottePosted on9:14 pm - Mar 12, 2018

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