Fishing Hole – Where the PAX are older, wiser, stronger and better looking

Fishing Hole – Where the PAX are older, wiser, stronger and better looking

11 “mature” men assembled for the launch of The Fishing Hole, an exclusive new workout designed for wiser, older, stronger, and better looking men.   T-claps to Mr Bean for starting this up (especially since AO is closer to my house than any other Thursday workout).  We had to make a few exceptions to our criteria (not naming names) to hit our opening day count target.

The Thang:

Mosey down by stadium and Cadillac reminds me this is low mileage workout.   We promptly drop down to bear crawl and lunge walks to comply with AO criteria (PAX can thank Cadillac – I would have preferred the mosey).

COP in parking lot behind field – 1 Burpee, IW x10, 2 Burpees, Merkins x10, 3 Burpees, Squats x10, 4 Burpees, Peter Parkers x10, 5 Burpees

Mosey over to rails for 15 decline Merkins and 15 pull ups.

Up stairs to level 4 for Dirty MacDeuce – 4 sets of 3 exercises to 12 count with sprint half way down deck and back between sets

Round 1 – Lunges, Diamond Merkins, Flutter Kicks

Round 1 – Squats, Maktar Jai, Dolly

Round 3 – IW, LBC, Dirty Hookup

Round 4 – Knee ups, CCD, Burpees

Jog down ramp to level 3 and then down stairs to 1

Balls to the Wall Merkin Ladder (1 to 5) with Bear Crawl to other wall and sprint back in between each “step”

Up stairs to level 4 and back down before heading over to rails for another round of pull ups.   15 pull ups, stretching (geared to mature crowd), and 15 pull ups

Down to parking lot with six Minutes of Mary with Flutter, Dolly, High Flutter, and Box Cutters.

Down behind stadium with bear crawl and lunge walk to end of field before heading over to benches in front of school.

Circuit ladder with dips, bear crawl up ramp, donkey kicks and run back to benches with 5 reps round 1, 10 reps round  2, and 15 reps round 3.

Mosey back to launch site for 30 seconds of LBC to make sure we get our money’s worth.


Great start to this new workout and T-claps to Mr Bean for his efforts.  I was expecting a larger crowd based on all the marketing pre-launch but 11 was a great number (mainly because it kept the Q heckles to a minimum – Paper Jam was unusually quiet).

Cadillac may have set the F3 record for longest Kotter as he was out of F3 for over 3 years (I have not seen him since even though he lives on my street – maybe he was avoiding YHC).  T-claps to Cold Cuts for EH’ing him and joining us from his normal Metro workout.  Again, PAX can thank Cadillac for the bear crawls instead of mosey behind the stadium.

It was especially nice to be closer to the front of the PAX than my normal position in the back.  Running is not my specialty so the under 2 mile limit is perfect for me.   Also great to meet some new guys – Kirby, Cul de Sac, and Chopper.  Also good to see Beaver back as he overcame his aversion to the site after tripping (Disclaimer) on the curb last time.

Mr Bean and Frehley’s Comet deserve all the credit for getting this workout off the ground.   Mr. Bean expressed his passion for this new workout wonderfully during COT.


Bring a “mature” friend next week.

Contact YHC (  if interested in getting involved with First Tee and kids at AG Middle School.

Also, please consider posting to Church on the Street the first Sunday of every month or finding another way to get out an make an impact.

It was an honor to lead this group and to take us out with a prayer.

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