Bear Crawlapalooza

Bear Crawlapalooza

18 men (1 FNG – Slide Rule) weren’t fazed by threats of excessive bear crawls and posted at the hottest AO in all of Waverly.


Disclaimer given, focusing on an apology for the impending groundwork to be done and one last recommendation for gloves.

Lap around construction on the south down Ardry Kell, to Waverly Walk Ave., to Southmore Dr and back to launch, stopping at each road for ascending burpees starting with 1. PAX were less than thrilled with the early burpee call.

COP: 15x SSH IC, 15x IW IC, 15x Low Slow Squat IC, 15x Mountain Climbers IC, 15 Plank Jacks IC, 10x staggered Merkins with corresponding foot high on the left and the right.

The Thang:

Mosey around campus to the shiny new and empty parking deck. Run hard on the up ramp, on the flat ramp walking lunges halfway and bear crawl the other ½. Backwards up the up ramp, partner up with partner carry ½ way and wheelbarrow the other ½. Run hard on the up ramp and flapjack on the partner carry/wheelbarrow.

Grab some wall and 50 shoulder raises IC while waiting on the six. Round of MARY with Box Cutters, Freddie Mercury, CVVs, and Pistol crunches.

Head back down the ramp, this time running on the flats and doing the exercises on the down ramps and MARY at the bottom while waiting on the six. Surprisingly no injuries were sustained.

Mosey to the parking lot immediately next to the parking deck for the Beast. 6 exercises at the 6 light poles, 6 reps, 6 times through. When getting back to the start to begin the next round, bear crawl from light pole 2 to 1. Exercises were:

1 Knee slap jump squats


3 lunges to the left

4 Diamond merkins

5 Lunges to the right

6 Burpees

Had to call it early, most got through 5 rounds of the beast, other than Rachel and Ocho Cinco who got all 6 – BEASTS

Mosey back to launch for COT.


YHC had never posted at the Cerberus before so a little site recon was necessary a few days before. The possibilities are endless with an AO like this, although I couldn’t get away from the parking deck… I have also not posted where that has been incorporated either. This workout was very shoulder intensive and for that the PAX can thank Tolkien and Thin Mint. YHC possibly had the most unimpressive part of Brolmpics recently, on the bear crawl portion of the final event. It basically started with a Pete Rose slide on the wet grass and ended looking like a toddler learning how to crawl with one arm behind its back. Rightfully so, Tolkien and Thin Mint jumped at the opportunity to encourage me call me out mid crawl and haven’t let me live it down to date. I made the comment on twitter that my next Q would be nothing but bear crawls… while this Q wasn’t entirely bear crawls, it sure seemed like it. Hope everyone enjoyed the pain as much as I did. Not surprised Tolkien and Thin Mint didn’t post.

YHC really enjoyed this AO and getting to mix it up with F3 guys from SOB, UC, and A51. If you haven’t made it out to Cerberus yet, make it a priority one Friday AM. Nice weekly convergence of all regions looking for a good beat down. Great to see a FNG (Slide Rule) out there today, welcome and hope to see you again soon!

Thanks to Snowflake for the takeout and thanks to Alf, Argonaut, and Transporter for the opportunity to lead.


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