Pursuit #5: Figure 8 Loop

Pursuit #5: Figure 8 Loop

5 men posted for the 5th installment of a weekly running workout known as Pursuit.

This week’s course was a 1.5 mile figure 8 loop.  For the 1st time the route was 100% on road.  We started by heading South up the Millbridge Parkway climb.  After conquering the hill the PAX were rewarded with flat or downhill terrain for the rest of the figure 8.


All in attendance got in at least 4 laps, good for 6-7 miles.  Hollywood and YHC got in a little extra credit by climbing most of the hill again after the 4th lap.  Hollywood continues to get faster.  He spent the workout out in front, looping back occasionally to keep the group somewhat together.  Maybe one of these weeks YHC will find a course challenging enough to make Hollywood actually breathe heavy.

Rock Thrill and YHC ran together in Thrill’s final tune-up before the Charlotte 10 Miler.  We ran easy and mixed in two 1-mi intervals at Thrill’s target race pace.  Fun fact: the two of us have a sweat rate that is off the charts.  With the relatively warm weather we arrived back at launch looking like we had swam laps instead of ran laps.

Goodfella and Table slam, both Millbridge residents, paired up in neighborhood watch formation and made sure there was no funny business afoot.

Tune in next week for yet another all-new route at F3 Pursuit.

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