Sandbags and a Fountain

Sandbags and a Fountain

We probably use this word too much (usually with sarcasm), but it actually was balmy this am. Warmer weather with a little humidity made for a nice February Monday morning. Similar to last week (even though I wasn’t there), the fields were still quite soaked so I decided to venture off-campus. I did a little homework the night before while watching the Olympics (male figure skating has changed a lot since Blades of Glory left the ice). Pop Tart showed up early with the shovel flag, a bunch of cars came in at the same time, I provided a disclaimer and off we went.

After a quick mosey to lower parking lot to loosen up with some shuffle sidestep and running backwards, one straggler (Pro…ahem) joined us as 14 PAX circled up back at the cars for some SSH, IW, Merkins and Mtn Climbers x15.

Finally, I ended the suspense and asked  the group to grab the 3 newly duct-taped sandbags and share the load as we ran down the sidewalk along McKee to our first stop, Glenmore Garden Drive. We gathered at the Fountain, dropped the sandbags, split into two groups. Group 1 does the called exercise, Group 2 runs a short loop through the townhomes. Deep Squats, flapjack, LBC, flapjack.

Next we circled up around the Fountain with the Sandbags kind of evenly spread around. Those with the sandbags did Thrusters x10 then hand off to your left, CLOCKWISE. Those without alternate between Derkins, incline merkins and dips until another Sandbag catches up to you. Keep going for 3 full rotations. Then…same thing, but Chest Press with sandbags (add flutter combo if you feel my plan is weak…Rachel). No bags, box jumps or step ups on short wall around Fountain (try not to fall in).

Then we move on with Sandbags, sharing is caring. Quick trip back toward school but STOP at Fred Gutt Dr. (not making it up). Bags down. Run down to end and back stopping at all 4 roads, alternating Jump Squats and Merkins x10. Quick Mary for the quick guys as we, the 6, caught up.

Back at McKee Elementary, we split into 3 teams, each with a Sandbag, the call was run back to the cars across campus, as a team, sharing the load. Ready GO…chaos ensues, zigging and zagging, curb jumping, full race adrenaline kicks in and I’m pretty sure only 6 out of 14 guys touched a Sandbag, in fact I think Magee carried his sandbag with a guy on his back holding his own sandbag. Everyone else just ran behind in admiration…and chuckling a little. Once back to the cars, we circled up for some Dolly, Flutter, Heels to Heaven, Merkins and Romanian Deadlifts, all x10. Done.

I haven’t been to Matrix in a few months (just a scheduling thing). Felt like a homecoming, great to see the regulars. Thanks to Pop Tart and Squid for the opportunity to lead an awesome group of strong men. Thanks to Magee for the takeout prayer.

Announcements: Sign up for CPR class…it’s a good idea. Bro-Olympics coming in two weeks. GoJenGo, or RunJenRun is coming up, Speed For Need is pushing chariots, kudos to Tolkein.

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