Intellectualness and Gainz

Intellectualness and Gainz

10 men took the invitation to the Mario Party after subscribing to the preblast YHC put out on Thursday for The Brave. Brave Frequency Training was on the docket, and was widely described as “up for interpretation”, or “interpretational”. A short, more detailed explanation of the weinke was given, and assurance that a cheat sheet was waiting in Thin Mint’s truck seemed to ease a few minds.

The Thang:

Launch from The Brave’s new and superior location and head straight to the top of Room 101, and down the stairs to the basement where TM’s truck housed a few coupons for added pain. Complete the following in AMRAP Style:

Sets Reps
Lap 1 Legs Coupon Squats 1 8-12
Jump Squats 1 8-12
Sumo Squats 1 8-12
Feet Together Squats 1 8-12
Shoulders Overhead Press w/ Coupon 2 8-12
Balls to Wall w/ Press (Modify – Carolina Dry Docks) 2 8-12
Stairs – Every other step (aka 2 at a time)
Lap 2 Chest Merkins 1 8-12
Wide Arm 1 8-12
Diamond 1 8-12
Burpees 1 8-12
Back Rows w/ coupon 4 8-12
Stairs – Every step (fast feet)
Lap 3 Shoulders/Back Pull-ups (Ledges in deck – Modify if necessary) 4 8-12
Chest/Tris Dips (Use a curb, a partner, or retaining wall) 4 8-12
Stairs – All You Got
Lap 4 Bis Curls 4 8-12
Tris Tricep Curls 4 8-12
Stairs – w/ Coupon

Q’s Challenge: How many times is that coupon going up the deck with you!?

  • In each lap, you will complete:
    • Each of the exercises (8sets of 8+ reps) (Can be done while running the deck, or the stairs)
    • Run to the top of deck using ramps
    • Climb to top of deck using stairs.
  • Finish all 4 laps? AMRAP until 0610.
  • 0610 Return to launch for COT

Naked Moleskin

All PAX did EVENTUALLY make it back to the launch point. A few overachievers stuck around to finish up the 4th lap, and we lost the old guy.

Madame Tussauds continues his political efforts against the AMRAP, and it continues to fall upon death ears. Although we all agree that you loose the 2ndF aspect through this style, you make up for it in the 1stF. 2ndF is why we go to Panera afterwards. And YHC loves pressing MT’s buttons. #whetstone. MT has volunteered to Q The Brave for the next 3 years, to avoid AMRAP. #HIM

Cobbler was teaching MT how to really get after the AMRAP, and was correcting his form on his merkins all morning long. Eventually, our good man from New England got tired of all the AMRAP complaining, and ventured off to find refuge. Apparently, Cobbler read in-between the lines and took a page out of YHC’s playbook for the mid-workout deep squat. He got lucky though, and attacked a “runner who understood the issue” on their way into the building. A power above was really looking out for Cobbler this morning.

The one #respect in the morning made his presence be known! As most of the PAX returned to launch, the last few grinded out the last coupon stair climb to close out the last lap. Fredo was spotted outside the stairs on the 3rd level, and was instructed not to move. Alzheimer’s kicked in at that moment, and he wondered off. Apparently his M had spilt coffee on his only useful map of the Ballantyne area, and headed out on his own. In the wrong direction. The remaining PAX yelled for the long lost Fredo on the run back to launch, but he’s either so old he can’t hear, or was too busy mumbling to himself about these “Damn kids with their schwoopy hair and technology”. As he appeared across the parking lot, he was yelling “Get off my lawn!” at the sad clowns in the crossfit gym. It was glorious.

Tuck and Fire Hazard are fat. Fire Hazard eats everything, and Tuck won’t eat meat. It’s concerning, and he really needs help. If we all reach out to Paper Jam, SAR can really do it’s thing here. Basically, these two are slow and there are no accounts for what they were actually doing all morning long.

Cheese Curd showed up because his “friend” was interested. There was a bit of doubt the evening prior, as he complained about the move of the AO being a inconvenience, even though it was closer to his house. Strong showing for Curd coming back from injury!

Rachel, Thin Mint, and Doc McStuffins killed it all morning long. Each completed all 4 of the Laps (from an unofficial account), and didn’t complain one bit (in earshot of the Q). I do think that Rachel cheated, because he’s got a history of that kind of thing. His long archived history of lying, cheating, and stealing only backs up this point. Really tho, who is this guy? #beast Thin Mint has had the pleasure of completing this workout where it belongs, in the gym, so had an “intellectual” advantage. Doc grinded through this like it was nothing, and honored YHC by driving past another Friday AO to take on the Mario Party.


In closing, this morning was a blast. The two-a-days and Triathlon training has kept YHC limited in F3 workouts, so it was nice to have the PAX share in some of the misery. If you want to avoid hitting the weights AND doing a cardio session in the same day, just combine them into one workout. Not much complaining from the PAX, as expected, due to the complicatedness of the workout at hand. There was a lot of interpretation needed to be done, and the word “Intellectualness” was thrown out (or stumbled over) by YHC in COT. Long weeks have the brain feeling a bit cloudy come Fridays, so YHC wanted the PAX to work their brain as well as witness the fitness and procure GAINZ.

Mission Accomplished.

Mario, OUT!


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FredoPosted on1:53 pm - Feb 12, 2018

HELL of a workout and even better BB. I don’t think physically or mentally I could get that token past the 3rd floor. I used time as an excuse, but man that 4th stair climb was just too much… And this might be the funniest line in a BB, Nice work! …As he appeared across the parking lot, he was yelling “Get off my lawn!” at the sad clowns in the crossfit gym. It was glorious.

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