Camels Appreciate a Dry Rain

Camels Appreciate a Dry Rain

The 14 PAX at Dromedary have come to appreciate the Dry Rain – where it threatens to rain but ends up dry and warm on an early February day.


  • early crew – Tuck, Bunker, Transporter, Doc McStuffins, Hollywood, and YHC – followed Tuck around on his “Northern” route though two loops of a neighborhood and trail
  • FULL CREW at 0530 for the quick disclaimer – forgot “I am not a professional”, and we’re off on a mosey to the front of the high school.
  • In front of the High School, opening COT with:
    • Side Straddle Hop x 20 IC
    • Mountain Climbers (slow with full extension of knee to elbow) x 20 IC
    • Slow Merkins (Down 5 count, Up 5 count) x 10
    • Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
  • Mosey to the middle of the Football Practice Field, plank for the Six
  • 4 corners and then back to the middle of the field using BLIMPs
    •  5 Burpees corner 1
    • get across the endline to corner 2 by running anything but forward (backward, side shuffle, carioca)
    • 10 Lunges each leg corner 2
    • 100+ yard run to corner 3
    • 15 Imperial Walkers corner 3
    • get across the endline to corner 3 running NOT forward (same as before)
    • 20 Merkins corner 4
    • Plankjack for the Six at the middle
  • 4 corners in reverse
    • 20 Hand release merkins corner 4
    • NOT forward run to corner 3
    • 15 Imperial Walkers corner 3
    • long run to corner 2
    • 10 reverse Lunges at corner 2
    • NOT forward run to corner 1
    • 5 Burpees at corner 1
    • Plankjack for the Six at the middle and we probably modified to something else
  • Posse (who wasn’t there), give us a 10 count.  Gator Cub (Posse’s replacement) counted it out.
  • Mosey to the lower parking lot at the base of the front wall.  Partner Up
  • Partner 1 does Ab exercise while Partner 2 runs up the hill (jump over the wall optional) to the front of the Middle School and does 10 jump ups (modified to step ups because damp paint covered medal benches don’t make for sure footing).  Flapjack.
  • Repeato P1 and P2
  • Last man back run along the sidewalk to the buses – everyone got the sprint in once
  • Mosey through the bus lot to the bottom of the main parking lot hill.  There are 9 trees on the “up”.
  • Tree 1, 1 burpee.  Tree 3, 3 burpees.  Tree 5, 5 burpees.  Tree 7, 7 burpees.  Run back down to bottom.
  • Tree 1, 1 LBC.  Tree 2, 2 LBC…all the way to 9.  Regroup and head to the stadium entrance railings.
  • Standing exploding Merkins x 10 OYO (stand in front of top rail, keep straight back and legs and drop to top rail with both hands on rail, push self back up to standing position).
  • Single leg Dead lifts x 10 each leg OYO.
  • 615 – COT

The Moleskin:

  • Wednesday is normally a recovery day for YHC, so whenever the opportunity opens to lead, PAX have come to expect a 0.0 type workout.  Decided to switch it up today, but get in some more movement and some variety of movement.  Not a grueling grind, but more of a potpourri to use the dry surfaces of the campus that hadn’t yet been wet-down from rain.  In fact, the rain held off until about 0625 when it was time to grab the flag and scatter in cars back to home.
  • Using the darker parts of campus this morning, it was hard to spot Teller’s newer face.  At least he didn’t get mistaken for Posse.  Posse must have come to mind as it was 0530 and there was a car approaching up Crane Rd, but alas it wasn’t him and he still got credit by YHC for being there on the dark football field.
  • Strong Marvin contingent with Bunker, Das Boot, Doc McStuffins, Grease Monkey, and YHC today.  Perhaps this is a new run to the Lawson and Chimneys crew dominance.
  • Thanks to Transporter for taking us out.


  • Boucher brings the V-day special next week at Dromedary!
  • BROLYMPICS 2.BRO is right around the corner, 2/24. Make an effort to be there and also pre-register using the link below to help the set up crew figure out the gear quantities:



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