McAlpine Elementary School has gone down hill since we left

McAlpine Elementary School has gone down hill since we left

11 Men posted at Rock Zero this morning braving a forecast that was guaranteed to be somewhere between perfectly dry and a monsoon.  But the 52 degrees was a nice change from the bitter cold so the light steady rain wasn’t much of a factor.

Gave a disclaimer before we launched, all confirmed I was not a professional, then we twiddled our thumbs while Run Stopper casually got out of his car, full gun show on display.  He likes to make an entrance.

Mosey around the lot and over to the Hot Box for short warmup.

Derkins, Step Ups, and Imperial Walkers (crowd favorite).  Original option could have been to stay in hot box for the full workout and avoid the rain, but that sounded terrible.

So off we went heading West on 51.

Stop before the first intersection and do some lunge walks so the 6 could catch up.  Hoover kept the running pretty close, even with the Ruck on.  Do some reverse lunch walks down the street to the school, again waiting on the 6.

Head back to the rear of the school for some pull-ups to find the place littered with Purple Haze’s coats and jackets.  Seriously like 50 of them over every railing and fence.  And also the pull up bars were gone.  Completely.  With grass where Philmont and his son once completed an Eagle Scout project.  Bummer.  Head back to the basketball courts for instructions.

Run loop around field.  Corner 1 – 10 jump squats,  Corner 2, 10 jump squats & 10 merkins, Corner 3 –  10 jump squats & 10 merkins & 10 step ups on the wall, back at basketball court – 10 jump squats & 10 merkins & 10 more jump squats, & 10 burpees.

Repeat the whole thing with 20x of each exercise.  Also throw in lots of complaining and refusniking.  Back at the basketball court provided “encouragement” to let folks know that standing around was not an acceptable modification from the called 20 burpees and maybe try some Mary.

Over to the base of the hill at Carswell and Bevington.  Run up the hill, 10x Romanian Dead Lifts each leg (by request), and 10x 8-count body-builder’s at the bottom.  Complete 3 rounds.

Run out Bevington, Left on Rea and Left back into Cavalry with stops along the way for some Mary and to let the 6 catch up.

A few extra minutes for some lifting rock work.  15x bent over rows, good mornings, curls, and triceps.  2 rounds.

Mosey back to launch.  End.


It’s important to remember your roots, so the occasional trip back to Day Zero is needed.  Man has the place gone down hill.  The even remove the monkey bar dome thing for the kids.  Haze and Radar would be disappointed at the state of affairs over there.

Strong work by all the guys.  2 Respects in Big League Chew and Marlin were hustling.  BLC was apparently trying to use this workout as a detox from a trip to Vegas.  You might need more than one workout for that!  Boerwors and Hammer had to peel off from the PAX at McAlpine for Hammer’s twisted ankle.  Strava still has them at ~4 miles so they must have made it back and did some work.  They did join us for the rock sets at the end.  Hoover was reminiscing about the days when he was 80 lbs heavier so he kept the ruck on with the blue tooth speaker blasting the toons the whole time.  Flipper was feeling the pain from too much fartsacking and a fast pace run yesterday.  He hung back to keep the Rucker company.  Or maybe it was the other way around.  This was my 3rd workout this week with both Rachel and Purell in attendance.  And in case there was any question I was behind them for the 3rd time this week.  Gummy had lots to say.  Mostly trying to disrupt the Q, to no avail.  Now he will likely review this backblast for all of my grammar and punctuation mistakes.  Hopefully it’s chock full of them.  The rock set was an audible with the time left, but I couldn’t let Run Stopper where the sleeveless shirt and not get some bicep work in.

Most of the crew made it to Starbucks for 2nd F.  Including M Runstopper.

Thanks to Flipper for the takeout.


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