Dumbocratic Monday

Dumbocratic Monday

14 men waved off the cold and kept moving at The Matrix this morning, and endured just a tiny taste of the mutha

The Thang:


  • 10 Burpees OYO  x2
  • Merkin Run:  Circle the perimeter of the AO, stopping for 20 merkins x6

Mosey to main school lot for instructions and partner-up for main event:

  • 10 dumbocrats, switch places, 10 more dumbocrats
  • 20 pull-ups total for each partner team
  • 20 burpees total for each partner team
  • Run:  Partner 1 – one lap around track; Partner 2 – one lap around islands in south lot
  • Flapjack.

Re-group; plank; 20 merkins OYO

Repeat main event; modify 5 dumbocrats on last round

Re-group; Mary

  • Flutters x20
  • V-Ups x12
  • LBCs x20
  • Plank; 20 merkins OYO

Run to rockpile, grab a rock, mosey down to field

P1 does called exercise while P2 runs to mid field and back; flapjack:

  • Overhead press
  • Squats
  • Curls
  • Merkins
  • Squat thrusters
  • LBCs

Return rocks to rockpile; run back to start


Mileage: 3.1

Merkins: too many to count



  • Full agenda, so no time for COP today, (and we needed to keep moving anyway due to the cold), so we encircled the entire AO stopping every couple hundred yards for 20 merkins OYO for good measure
  • While waiting for a few stragglers pre-launch, the initial group kept warm with a few burpees, and grabbed a few more on the way out
  • Taking a cue from #Fishwrap’s Mutha pre-blast, brought a taste of the ‘ship down to The Matrix.  While lacking a 12-story parking deck (or any elevation at all for that matter), the AO does provide plenty of space for Dumbocrats, so treated the pax with what became a sure #crowdpleaser
  • YHC bit off a bit more than he could with the volume, so modified slightly, lest be flattened by my jacked partner who nearly flattened me into the pavement.   Note to self:  choose partners more wisely in body-weight exercises
  • Bunch of fast guys out there today – Purell, Rachel, Orange Whip – maybe should have modified with some more sprinting work?
  • Nice job by all, especially keeping up with the never-ending merkins.
  • Always a pleasure to lead The Matrix – thanks for the opportunity Pop Tart and Squid
  • H/T to Smokey for the take-out today


  • Sign-up to Q – let Pro have a break (though he didn’t let me have one today)





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ProhibitionPosted on5:14 pm - Jan 9, 2018

On the flip side to your dumbocrat experience, having you as my partner made it about as enjoyable as that could possibly be (although it still sucked).

As far as my Q next week, if anyone wants to take it that would be great. I’m not DR or anything but just battling a couple nagging injuries that flared up towards the end of that TL beatdown. I don’t want to go easy on anyone.

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