It’s the Week of Weinke Sharing

It’s the Week of Weinke Sharing

14 of South Charlotte’s finest gentlemen gathered at the most frequently used AO in the land for a mid-December edition of Mountain Goat.

Quick disclaimer given to the veteran crew before a warm-up mosey down and back on Strawberry Lane, then continue moseying to the track. Once at the track, commence dynamic stretching consisting of heels, toes, high knees, and butt kickers.


400 meters at repetition (R) pace, 400 meters recovery, 800 meters at R pace, 400 meters recovery.

Rinse and repeat until time is called.


This must be the week to share your Weinke. YHC was schedule to Q at The Matrix on Monday, but came down with a case of the winter plague Sunday night. Being a conscientious Pax, YHC messaged the planned Weinke to Pop Tart in the event YHC was unable to make it. While YHC was cocooned in the FS Monday AM, Pop Tart bestowed YHC’s Weinke upon the Matrix Pax. Fast forward to Friday at 0500, and upon arriving at SCMS, YHC was summoned to Slim Fast’s driver-side window. Turns out he’d been afflicted with the unwanted funk and won’t be able to Q today. He was kind enough to pay his Weinke forward before heading to an appointment with Miracle Max. Rest up and get well soon SF! Thanks to Nomad for stepping up and guiding Sensei this morning. The two of you fell down only three or four times. Not bad. Just kidding, you were flawless.

Total mileage ranged between 5 and 7 miles for the Pax, with Purell and Fleetwood leading the way. Benny was held back by a cranky IT band, otherwise he would have been up front as well. Lots of strong efforts and determination on display this morning. The 400/800 workout is a grind, and it hurts. But we keep going because it makes us stronger, faster, and better.


Sign up for the Joe Davis Run for Recovery, which takes place on January 6. 5K or 10K option. All Pax that attend Mountain Goat can easily knock out a 5K. Sign up today. Just do it. It’s the right thing to do. 2018 Joe Davis Run for Recovery

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