Barefoot Q

ByIce9 Aug 13, 2021

Prelude Yes, it is true. I Q'd Diesel barefoot. And I arrived at 5:35am with the truck at full throttle, though the workout starts at 5:30. Bu

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Basketball @ Clyent Dinner

ByFuse Box Aug 12, 2021

Lets play some BBall.  I've heard several pax talk about wanting to get up some pick up games.  One went so far as to asking why we didn't have

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Naked weigh-ins . . . What could go wrong?!?!

ByBottlecap Aug 12, 2021

7 PAX still showed up to Pursuit after Rubbermaid pre-blasted "Weigh-in before and after workout to see who loses the most weight . . . The less

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Which school?

ByDeadwood Aug 12, 2021

I have to think Easy Button for the reminder call so I definitely would have been a no-show. No clue what I was going to do since all push exerci

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It’s always been my party, you’re lucky that you even got an invite!

Bymidriff Aug 12, 2021

YHC thinks of Qing a little bit like throwing a party. The initial excitement - What will the theme be? How do I make it unique and exciting to s

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