Afternoon Delight 3-Some

ByRaven-WXW May 28, 2021

YHC, LegalZoom, and Tanyatine showed up for a beautiful afternoon for a 30 minute 3some! Standard DICCS, then quick mosey under the shade of a

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Don’t Let The Door Hit You In the A$$

ByMermaid May 28, 2021

16 men joined YHC at Centurion for a workout and handing over of the shovel flag. Disclaimer given and we took off. Mosey across 51 to the WF

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CAUTION: Pursuit may cause Dizziness

BySchedule C May 27, 2021

12 Pax decided today was not the day to fartsack. Pursuit was their weapon of choice to attack the day. Wise choice gentlemen... wise choice.

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Kudos to the Floater Newbs

BySugar Daddy May 27, 2021

Every AO has their regulars and that is needed...but its always great to see guys posting at places they haven't ever posted or it has been awhil

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Country Road, (Please) Take me Home

ByHorsehead May 27, 2021

Madison, Chicken Wing, Retread, CRS, Jock Strap, Cage, Lex Luthor, Horsehead 8 pax, no snax   The Thang: Run to the Matthews UMC

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