Slow Texting

Slow Texting

A forecast for rain and temps in the 30s caused many to not even set the alarm last night, even though there’s a parking garage at Centurion. It didn’t rain. But we stayed in the garage anyway…no need to get the hands or back wet when you don’t need to. Seems we live the soft life in the South Charlotte suburbs.

What We Did:

Mosey lap around the CCHS gridiron then into the garage for the Square of Pain: IWs x 15IC; LSSs x 15IC; MCs x 15IC; Merkins x 15IC; LBCs x 15IC.

Dora 1-2-3 up the full length of the garage ramp: 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 LBCs.

Run (with lunge walk on one level) up the short ramps to the top of the deck. Descend the stairs.

Merkin Plank Walk x 2 on the parking lot lines: 1 Merkin, plank to next line, 2 Merkins, plank walk back, 3 Merkins, plank walk back, 4 Merkins, plank walk back, 5 Merkins.

Run (with lunge walk on one level) up back short ramps to the top of the deck. Descend the stairs.

Triple Nickel on short ramp: 5 Jump Squats, 5 Burpees, 5 Times

Finished with some Mary, led by each of the Pax in attendance. COT

The Skinny:

30s and rain is probably the worst condition we encounter for a workout. So it was nice that the rain didn’t show so we didn’t even get wet before we headed into the garage. Still, the forecast kept many in the fartsack. Thanks to Bout Time, Brilleaux, and Snuka for showing up…and making me the slowest, weakest Pax in the bunch.

Mermaid showed too. Got out of his Forerunner, shoes still untied, cheeks full of Halls Menthol-Lyptus, with a full bend over to cough up his lung onto the teachers’ lot. He didn’t look good. Said he was about to text Margo but before he could type out the text using the buttons of his flip phone, Margo had used a fancy talk-to-text feature to let Mermaid know that he wasn’t feeling well and wouldn’t make it. Slow texting costed him sleep and the gas he used to drive up. Such a dedicated Site-Q…but thankfully he decided to just go back home before pneumonia set in.


Bout Time noted that Jennings received a perfectly clean report in his latest visit to St. Jude.

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4 years ago

Thanks for leading Haze. Looks like a tough one. Sorry to bail. Great to hear about Jennings clean bill of health

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