• When:03/08/2024
  • QIC: Kid Rock and Dasher


It’s about that time of year again, where some of the completely stupid show off just how far we are willing to go to prove it!

4x4x48 is a simple concept:

4 miles – every 4 hours – for 48 hours

We have done this in year’s past and had a “great” time pushing each other to continue on. This year with so many Waxhaw PAX doing 75 Hard, we figured we would change it up slightly to allow more PAX to join in and be stupid together!

The new rules will go as follows:

4 miles – OR – 45 mins of ruck or workout – every 4 hours – for 48 hours.

This will give you 3 distinct options you can choose or mix up throughout the 48hrs. We will be completing the first and last together as a group, and it will be a 45 min run/ruck. All others are to be completed on your own, or reach out to others to have them join you, but only the first and last will have a scheduled meet up location and route. The schedule will go as follows:

(3/8)Friday 8pm – first run together- launch from Floater

Friday Midnight

(3/9)Saturday 4am

Saturday 8am

Saturday noon

Saturday 4pm

Saturday 8pm

Saturday Midnight

(3/10)Sunday 4am

Sunday 8am

Sunday noon

Sunday 4pm – final run together – launch from Floater

And for those that want to celebrate together, we can grab a drink at Taphouse afterwards.

These times are approximate and meant to keep you on track, however if you have a conflict, just ensure to get your run/ruck/workout in before the 4 hour window expires and get back on track.

As always- hit the Slack channel to keep everybody accountable and informed of where your next run/ruck/workout may be held


Let’s go fellas!

Just another stupid way to pull us out of our comfort zones… And beds to do something completely stupid!…. See you there!


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