One is the loneliest number

One is the loneliest number

Showed up at Homecoming for Week 4 and final IPC of 2021.  Arrived at 6:23 and no one here yet.  Grabbed the coupon, put on the gloves and started to stretch.  6:28 and still no fellow PAX but assumed someone would be coming in hot. 6:30 came and went and now it’s 6:35 and still no one but me.  Do I call it quits?  Call it a day?  Dare start the IPC by myself?  What can go wrong in a dimly lit parking lot, with a cinder block and a workout routine that is meant to be brutal?  I’m here and it’s a beautiful morning so what the hell….let’s go for it.

Gave myself the DICCS (if that’s possible), set the timer for 52:30, put the cell phone in my pocket in case I had to dial an SOS and hit start.

The Thang – MaryAnne’s Mayhem (as scripted by the F3 Greenwood boys):

Exercises are to be done in sets of 25 reps. After completing 25 reps, run to the cone that is 25 yards away and do 3 burpees. After the 3 burpees, run back and continue with exercise.
•    200 curls
•    175 squats
•    150 Overhead Press
•    125 Kettlebell Swings
•    100 Merkins
•    75 Thrusters
•    50 Bonnie Blairs (right leg-left leg = 1 rep)
•    25 Blockees

Timer went off at rep 23 of the first set of Bonnie Blairs. So in the actual time limit, completed 848 of the scheduled 900 reps.  But I’m here and surviving (barely) so went ahead and finished the full routine.  Another 7 minutes, 42 seconds…..done!!!!  Although the form police might have had some choice words for my final two sets and overall reps.


For many reasons, not a wise decision to proceed with an IPC solo act.  I could have / should have got back in the truck and went home or joined the PAX at Commitment.  But the IPC is designed and advertised as a “You  vs. You” challenge.  And it came down to just that…”Me vs. Me”.

During the 52 minutes and self-inflicted 7 minutes of OT, I had many thoughts of pausing, quitting and cheating.  But the beauty or insanity of the IPC is to push yourself, mentally and physically.   So I carried on and shared by thoughts with my coupon companion  “Blockie”.  Equivalent to Tom Hanks and “Wilson” from the movie Castaway.  OK, not to that extreme but what else and who else was there to join in on the “fun”.

A man and his dog pulled into the parking lot around 7:15.  Followed by a steady stream of parents and kids around 7:30 for some sporting event at Weddington.  A few odd looks (and I’m sure comments) for this idiot working out by himself in a parking lot but ironically it didn’t bother me a bit.  It actually provided motivation to keep pushing and finish.

I learned a lot this morning throughout this mental and physical challenge.  Two years ago (before joining F3) I would have never dreamed of something this stupid but yet rewarding.  Two years ago my alarm never went off at 5:45 am on a Saturday, 5:00 am on weekdays. Two years ago I didn’t do 9 reps, let alone 900 reps, of anything.

So thank you IPC.  Thank you F3.  It has changed my life at home, at work and overall.  Of the three F’s, my investment in the Fitness aspect has more than paid off.  The Fellowship aspect had broadened my social network as I have truly met and befriended some great men and leaders.  The Faith aspect, as defined by F3 Nation “a belief in something outside oneself” is a work in progress but has grown leaps and bounds.

So in closing and until IPC 2022….Hallelujah!  Holy S#$t!  Where’s the Tylenol!?

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