Angry Elf While Hood Walking

Angry Elf While Hood Walking


Warm Up– Nope

The Thang

Walk and Talk with my brothers and two furry friends in  Cortona


I always enjoy Neighborhood Watch and would love to see this group continue to grow as it is a great 2nd F opportunity. I know we all think we know each other fairly well since we see each other and chat at 5:15am ,5:30 am, 6:30, 5:30pm or in the case of Last Call some random ass time like 5:32 am or 5:33am while working out. But slowing the pace down and just walking and talking at NHW is a great way to be more continued with your brothers.. Few key learnings today

Elmer’s and Chicken Little are still pissed about NCSU getting the shaft by the NCAA at the college world series. I do highly suggest this subject not being brought up anywhere near Fuse Box he might blow a gasket.

Posse– Just came off trip of a lifetime and it sounds awesome- RV-ing the west cost Hwy 1 while hitting multiple states and destinations– very jealous but glad you and the family had a blast.

Turn Buckle– is going for 10 workouts this week and also has some Disney connections that brought Posse’s trip to life and made everything fall into place– Nice work TB.

Chancho and Lucy will most likely be napping most of the day the doggies walked and sniffed around 3.5 mile or so. Lucy and Chancho also encountered a very angry little 2 pound dog that tried to attack them while he barked is face off while they were passing him on the opposite side of the road– yikes!!.. He was a Angry Litter Elf.


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