Cavemen Complexes

Cavemen Complexes

It’s getting hard to hide in these smaller groups that have been coming out to Skunkworks  lately, so YHC raised his hand a week ago to take the reigns again and try another experiment.  With some poking and prodding I proclaimed to Slack and Twitter about my impending visit to the legendary Area 51 AO, and being the hype machine that I am, I brought a crowd of 6 SW regulars.  I guess the mainstream A51 pax is just too young to appreciate a good Mr. T reference and decided to hit the more trendy “Hawks Nest” instead, or perhaps there’s a reason I’m not in marketing.   Oh well, I guess we’ll be the only swole guys at the pool this summer.

So last night I spent a bit cruising the YouTube for some ideas, and I found some fun things for us to try from caveman  Here’s what we did.

After a little warmup jog around the parking lot, we circled up for a few exercises to get the joints moving: Halos, Around the World, Figure Eights, Merkins, Mountain climbers, and I think we did some swings before getting to the main event…which was three rounds of kettlebell complexes, each followed by a suicide ‘sprints’ (hardly sprinting) in the parking lot.  Each complex was repeated for 8 minutes, starting with 1 repetition on each arm, then 2 reps, and so on up to 5 reps and back down (as much as we could do)

Complex 1 – squat dead lift, hang clean, swing clean, snatch, press


Complex 2 – clean and squat, snatch w/ windmill, then back to squat with shoulder press


Complex 3 – squat curl, stand and press, back to squat position


We finished with a little stomache… and that was a wrap.


There was something in the air this morning, and it wasn’t lemon fresh and didn’t smell like chocolate chip cookies.  Horsehead took a bold chance by trusting a fart and Funky, as usual, couldn’t let Horsehead get all the attention.  Strong work men!

Stone Cold, Horsehead, and Chicken Wing all went for back-up bells as these complexes were not friendly to the massive bells these guys were swinging… I probably should have put something in the pre-blast about bell recommendations, but who doesn’t like surprises?  Definitely learned a few new moves this morning… hopefully no backs, elbows, or shoulders were damaged in this experiment.

Congratulations Lois on your first run since getting the boot off!  And thank you for appreciating the alternative 90s music selection.

Thanks Funky for taking us out in prayer this AM.

As always, an honor to lead this fine group of men!  Thanks.

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