Skunk-blast: Give ’em the Boot

Skunk-blast: Give ’em the Boot

13 lucky skunks got “booted” on Tuesday.  They decided to show up to YHC’s Q assuming it would be easy-ish, since YHC can’t walk fast or far and running is completely out.  9 out of 5 pax agree that when mobility challenged, kettlebells provide a solid alternative to fartsacking.  Anyhow, YHC was lucky enough to get tapped to Q last week after showing up to Skunkworks with the boot on and Stone Cold made a reference to Lois’ tabata q (which had a top-notch backblast BTW unlike my usual ramblings).  So feeling slightly intimidated having to follow in Lois’ boot steps, YHC agreed.

According to Baracus the given disclaimer was top notch, but what else can you expect from a chiseled veteran?  Probably an on-time backblast.  It should be noted that said backblast is terribly late and YHC felt the shame (x3) when Voodoo, Mr. Magoo, and Udder posted their respective Wednesday backblasts before YHC even got the F3 South Charlotte Word Press thing-y up and running.  YHC could go on and on but this Miller Lite ain’t gonna drink itself and YHC only has about 5 minutes before the 2.0’s start sneaking behind my desk during my next zoom call.  YHC doesn’t care how many Power Ranger Ninja shows you’ve watched in the last 3 days.  You’re not invisible to the camera, son.

Here’s the Thang:

15 two handed swings
IW x 10
10 two handed swings
Sharon Towers x 10
15 two handed-swings

Swinging Deadlift Lawnmowers:
Two-handed swing x 20, Deadlift x 20, Lawnmowers x 10 per side
Run this a few times, wait for the 6 after each round then give it a 10 count before moving on

Modified Voodoo Complex Pyramid: 1/2/3/4/5/4/3/2/1
Left side then right side, up and down the pyramid
One handed swing, high pull, snatch, clean and press
Wait for the 6 give it a 10 count then do the second round

Some stuff you wouldn’t be caught dead doing at Meathead:
10 Upright Rows
10 bicep curls
10 tricep extensions
10 OH Press

50 swings pax choice (one handed, two handed, all in a row, by sets of 10, etc.)

30 second holds: waiter, rack, suitcase both sides, 30 seconds rest between sets


Solid crew out there.  YHC thinks we need some cross-pollination with the Meathead and Swole crew.  5 years ago kettlebells were a Thursday thing and skunkworks was a running with kettlebells workout.  Oh yeah, and there was something at the SC state line at a literal dump where they supposedly used kettlebells and chased furry animals.

A few notable occurrences:

  • Smokey got curious how heavy YHC’s bell was and switched his 30 pound bell with YHC for a round of that stuff you wouldn’t be caught dead Qing at Meathead.  Think he learned quickly that unlike frisbees not all kettlebells weigh the same.  This kettlebell then made the rounds with some other pax.
  • Horsehead pulls a 62 lb. bell before the 50 swings.  One he just so happens to keep in his tool box in the back of the ‘yota.  Upon inspection it looked like it had a Road Runner emblem on it or some such nonsense.  but it was dark and YHC didn’t have his glasses on.
  • Baracus ended up with YHC’s bell and gave it a shot during the 50 swings.  Reports are he later went home with forearms so large (in his mind) he now sports matching fore-arm anchor tattoos, smokes a pipe, and keeps a can of spinach in the glove box.  Just in case.
  • Lois was boot-less.  Good for him for getting out of that thing.  Continue the speedy recovery, brother.
  • If you did all the exercises, then you exceeded 200 swings.  good work, men.

Other stuff YHC missed?  Sound off in the comments below.

This was a good crew, they didn’t cover any miles but were smoked by the end.  Good to meet Grits.  This was one of his first posts back at F3 in a while.  #kotters

Thanks to Horsehead and Stone cold for the opportunity to lead.


  • Functional Strength Challenge 5/22
  • HDHH on 5/19

Thanks to Baracus for the take-out


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