I might be Canceled for my Netflix reviews

I might be Canceled for my Netflix reviews

5 obviously forgot to check the forecast and decided to show at Kevlar for their weekly Friday beatdown.  The weinke was simple — work on endurance, strength & agility for 45 minutes.  We accomplished our goal and everyone (hopefully) got their money’s worth.  Here’s how it went down.


Disclaimer given & a slow mosey throughout the parking lot of Christ Covenant Church stopping at the halfway point for COP

  • SSH X 20 IC
  • Windmill X 10 IC
  • IW X 20 IC
  • Calf Stretch / Mtn Climbers / Merkin combo
  • Finish the mosey to the soccer/lacross/football field for the 1st series of exercises

4 Corners (think of Paula Abduls on steroids)

  • Start at Corner 1, perform exercise.  Run 100+/- yds to Corner 2, perform exercise & run BACKWARDS back to Corner 1 (START), perform exercise.
  • Starting at C1, perform exercise & Run (forward) to C2 2, perform exercise; run (side shuffle) Corner 3 , perform exercise.  Side shuffle the other direction back to C2, perform exercise & run BACKWARDS back to C1.  Perform exercise.  Complete the cycle until all 4 corners are covered.
  • Exercises = 5 Burpees in Corner 1, 10 T-Merkins @ Corner 2, 20 Jump Squats in Corner 3, 30 LBC at Corner 4

Mosey to benches & fire escape stairs on back side of sanctuary

  • 10 Step Ups / 20 Dips / 20 RDL (10 each leg).  Run to top of stairs & return.  Perform 3X

Mosey back to launch for 5MOM

  • Flutter X 10 IC / Dolly X 10 IC / LBC X 10 IC
  • Pretzel Crunch X 10 IC each side


It was the last, last cold Friday for the next 8 months.  5 showed despite the 33 degree temps and heard way more than they expected about a show YHC was convinced to watch on Netflix.  Binge watching 3+ hours of chick flicks with the M each night is an acceptable excuse to miss the next day’s workout. Right?  Can I say “chick flick” without getting Canceled?   Anyway…… Here’s my official review:  It was nothing more than 2 seasons (20 episodes total) of one giant Hallmark movie.  Great for spending time with the M between NCAA Tournament weekends, but you gotta kill the time somehow.  #happywifehappylife

Despite the cold temps and boring Netflix reviews, BLC, Wormwood, Clover, & Orange Whip crushed it this AM, and are all better for it.  The only thing harder than this AM’s workout was trying to explain in writing the 4 Corners exercise.

Check the Social channels for upcoming CSAUP & monthly challenges.

Have a great Easter weekend & Spring Break.


PS – Remember – without Easter, there would be no Christmas

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