No Sandbagging Allowed

No Sandbagging Allowed

10ish Pax for DMZ this morning. Disclaimer given (kinda). Mosey down to the grass field at Carmel neighborhood park

  • SSH, IW, Merkins, MC, Squats – 20x each

Mosey via field short cut across colony to Castellaine Dr cul-de-sacs for 7’s

  • Bottom: Jump squats
  • Top: Wide arm merkins

One Eye lead some Mary until 6 was in (Freddie Mercury and Flutter).

In an honest effort to give a cardio breather after the nearly 1.5 mi in 7’s we lunge walked to the corner. The burn didn’t make up for the planned cardio break – #mybad

Mosey south on colony to the church parking lot to grab some wall for people’s chair overhead press 30x

Dora 1,2,3 – Partner up with a social distance

  • P1 runs lower loop and cuts back through courtyard, P2 starts working on 100 merkins, 200 full sit up’s, 300 jump squats all combined per team

Mosey back for COT



PSA – One-eye warned of doing much ground work on the field since it’s all tore up. Glad I didn’t have much planned

Aquafresh with the quality voluntold last week and then a no-show this morning. Questionable leadership

Chappy asked me early on in the 7’s if 13 y/o Pinoli would be able to keep up the speed and maintain first place. My answer was proven correct by the sight of Pinoli casually stretching/relaxing in the cul-de-sac as I struggled to finish my last rep

We witnessed a local neighbor trying to impress us with some heavy sandbag work in the street as we lunged by, and I overheard a comment about someone carrying their ‘natural weighted vest’. Props to you for the built in extra effort! #nosandbaggingallowed

The biggest challenge in Dora 1,2,3 seemed to be the counting and social distance handoff so it’s safe to say we included our brains in today’s full body workout

Congrats to all the over achievers that actually finished their 600 exercises in time

Lastly, according to Hops’ fancy intelligent watch, we logged 3.14 mi, so it’s above his allowance and we may not see him at DMZ for another year #sorrynotsorry



One Eye, Uncle Phil and Snowflake all shared that Bout Time’s M Lauren has been nominated for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s 2020 Man & Woman of the Year to raise funds for crucial blood cancer research and cures. I’ve included a 2 links to summarize what was shared today in COT:

Jennings’s Story and Team Gold for the Cure


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1 year ago


1 year ago

I hate running. And SSH’s. Somebody should tell that sandbagger about F3…and I don’t mean Aquafresh. That’s fartsacker, not sandbagger. I think old school sit-up’s are bad for you…so says my back. Good Q, Lewinsky and thanks for not wearing any Clemson gear.

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