No fanfare, no standing around, just get the work done …

No fanfare, no standing around, just get the work done …

2 pax met in the gloom on the final Thursday for Meathead.  One arrived 0528 and the other at 0531.  These veterans of kettlebells required no disclaimer, mumble-chatter about the lack of attendance ensued, and then it was go time.  With a late start and a full weinke the need for speed set in and both Soul Glo and YHC crushed this workout to wrap up at 0616.

The Thang:

25 2 handed swings
Merkin x 20
25 2 handed swings
Stretch/Prying Squat
Halos 5 each direction

3 sets 12 or AMRAP up to 12:
Goblet Squat and Good Morning then 25 High pull each side
Overhead Press (two handed) and up-right row then 20 one handed swings each side
Kettlebell chest press and Lawnmower (twelve each side) then 20 one handed swings each side

20 tricep ext, 5 curls
15 tricep ext, 10 curls
10 tricep ext, 15 curls
5 tricep ext, 20 curls

Leuganis x 10
Plank hold 30 seconds
Slow Freddie mercury
Heels to heaven



This was billed as the last time Meathead would meat on a Thursday at Elizabeth Lane Elementary.  No fanfare, no standing around and remembering the good ol’ days, just pax getting the work in.  Exactly how it should be done.  Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and happy new year to all the pax across F3.

Starting Monday, January 6th expect to see a strength workout down at McAlpine lead by Mighty Mite and Ickey Shuffle, Wednesdays you can find Meathead at Calvary at 0530 with Anvil, and on Saturdays Olympus returns to Elizabeth Lane Elementary for 0630 start.  #SYITG

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