F3 Workout in NJ – Poor Counting & Highly Taxing – Yes!

  • When:12/21/2019
  • QIC: Foundation

F3 Workout in NJ – Poor Counting & Highly Taxing – Yes!

9 Pax battled the cold and made it out to The Rising for YHC’s 1st guest Q back in NJ.  It was a great group of guys and sure stop on next trip back.  As I was trying to complete my early morning meditation routine fluffing of my weinke I was startled  awakened by  Pharmer’s tunes coming from the car next to me.  We both decided to leave the comfort of the 21* temps of the car to wait for the rest of the Pax to arrive in the 18* weather waiting for us outside.  Soon after Dos Equis came into the lot and bursting out of the car looking as if he just had his third cup of coffee (cawfee), ran 3 miles, and pissing excellence.  We planted the flag and proceeded to the corner of the parking lot as we wait for the other pax to join.  As we got closer to the 6:30 start a few more pax began to pull into lot and join the crew.  With this YHC decided it was the opportune time to whip out DCCS and give an overview to the pax.

  • Disclaimer – Proper F3 disclaimer
  • Cell Phone –  Ensure at least 1 pax has a cell phone
  • CPR – Check to see who has packed their chapstick (Dos Equis & Risky Business) and is willing to save man’s life if needed
  • Safety – Be sure to keep an eye out for ice, cars and be safe this morning

6:34 and we have few more Pax rolling in, so we wait and we run through one more time and we take off  on opening mosey.


  • Quick mosey around parking lot island
  • Circle up for SSH
  • Jimmy Dugans (taken from League Of Their Own – avoid the clap)
  • Mt Climbers
  • Merkins


Partner 7’s

  • P1 runs in one direction around parking island, P2 runs in other direction
  • Meet and do 6 handslap burpees and run back in other direction
  • Meet again and do 1 handslap merkin
  • Repeat with reducing # of burpees by 1 and increasing merkins by 1 each round until you end at 1 burpee and 6 handslap merkins

At completion everyone gets on their 6 and we do some mary before proceeding to next step.

Burpee Indian Run

Direction given to get in line and Burpee Indian Run up to the playground.  Last pax drops and does burpee and runs to front of line.  When passing the last pax in line  he drops and does burpee and runs to front.

Playground Fun

Partner up with new pax at the playground and go to stations:

Round 1

  • Pull ups
  • Step Ups
  • Supines
  • Timer (Run lap around playground)

Round 2:

  • Dips
  • Squats
  • Merkins on Swing
  • Timer (Run lap around playground)

This is always good spot to use and especially when you do not set off the alarms for downtown Waxhaw and have the “Fuzz” begin to question what are a bunch of sweaty old guys doing playing on a swingset in the morning.

Mosey Over to far parking lot by Pool

4 corners

Explain the 4 corners we will go through where on each time out do 5x called exercise and then mosey back to start and increase to next corner until you complete the entire square


  • Merkins
  • Speed Skaters
  • Carolina Dry Docks
    • At this point is when Scar (pax on IR) comes into  lot and finishes out remaining exercises with group
    • Entrance Time would make Posse and Jingles of CLT jealous
  • Bobby Hurley’s (homage to NJ/NC connection

Mosey back to start area with another Indian Burpee Run

Few more minutes left so we will finish with few weave drills

  • Bear Crawl / Plank weave – merkin every time pax passes you
  • Side Shuffle / Plank weave – merkin every time pax passes you

2 minutes left to finish with Mary

  • Flutters
  • Toe Tap LBC
  • Box Cutters



  • Scar – Thanks for coming out and always good to MASH (modified workout while on IR) and be with group.  Good Job!
  • Farmer w/ PH (Pharmer) – Thanks for the water (wader) this morning and not going to lie, had a flash of you as Clark Griswald when you had the face mask on.  Good push throughout the morning
  • Brisket – Appreciate you being my partner on the 7’s, still think there was some fuzzy math among the others as all appeared to finish before our last round.  Must have been due to cold and others wearing mittens and not being able to count to 7 with out using their fingers
  • Churchill (R) – Great work and respect the shorts.  You sure made another pax from NJ (Recalc) proud by sporting those in this climate.  Look forward to having you come migrate down to Waxhaw soon.
  • Red Stripe – Good work on the burpee run, and probably one of the better names based on last name Kingston.  Enjoyed working with you today
  • Mounty –  This must feel like summer for a Canadian like you.  Glad you made it before we took off, you hoser!
  • Risky Business – Good to run with you and for the chatter this morning.  Looks to be a good group here and I am sure you will continue to bring some of the Southern Hospitality north.  Telling you can make millions if you combine pimento cheese and pork roll on sandwich.
  • Dos Equis (RR) – Sir, thank you for allowing me to lead this morning and you have an awesome AO.  Look forward to where you expand the region and other opportunities to workout with the pax.  Also very appreciative of the book.


One of the biggest lessons I learned today was don’t take F3 for granted.  As where we are in CLT we have 14 AO’s to choose from within a 5-10 mile radius throughout the week.  Guys up here were driving 30+ minutes to attend a workout and the next closest AO is 45 miles away.  The group is something special and the 1st F is only one component of it.  Make sure to continue to expand and find ways to incorporate the 2nd and 3rd F’s among the group.  My message to you guys is like it was said on one of the F3 podcast.  Go out there in the morning and have fun, act like a child and be an idiot.  Find ways to bust chops and banter with each other when you can.  This will continue to form bonds among the guys and make the shield lock that much stronger.

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