The Impossible Brat

  • When:12/10/19
  • QIC: TR

The Impossible Brat

When Cased Meat asks you to Q, you say Yes. Unless, that is, you are the first 15 people he asked….which is how, no doubt to his chagrin (and probably yours) I come to find myself Swift Q tomorrow.

In an effort to make it as Brat-like as possible, I’ve co-opted his plan from a Kiawah taper week of yesteryear: . Meat-like appearance, meat-like smell, but lacking actual meat.

It is my understanding that The People of WalMart (Women’s Tights Division) have their own version of Cased Meat at Fast Twitch. If you are looking for a reason to gouge your eyeballs from your head, that may be the place for you.

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4 years ago

Spotted dick for everyone!

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