Sleepless in Hydra

Sleepless in Hydra

Warm up:  Ran to East parking lot where we warmed up with 15 each of side straddle hops, imperial walkers, low slow squats, and mountain climbers. 

1st Series:  Ran to East benches under trees.  There we split into two groups to exercise at three stations.  At the 1st station on the East benches each group did 20 step ups and 15 dips.  At the 2nd station on the West benches each group did 15 inclines or declines and 15 squats.  The 3rd station at the playground behind the school, each group did 10 pull ups and 20 LBC’s.  The first group started at the East benches and the 2nd group started at the West benches.  We did this circuit three times, running between each station.

2nd Series:  Starting from the East benches we ran across Rhea Road to Windyrush Road and then circled up Edenbridge Lane to the Methodist Church stopping at the rock pile.  There we partnered with a lifting rock.  The 1st partner did 15 each of curls, presses, and triceps, while 2nd partner ran to the end of the parking lot and did 5 burpees before returning.  This was repeated twice. 

3rd Series:  We ran back to the East parking lot where we did a set of Mary’s and then ran to the end of that parking lot and back.  We repeated this four times starting with 15 dolly’s, then 15 flutters, then 15 Rosalita’s, and finally 15 heals to heaven.  After completing, ran back to the West lot to circle up and close out.

Close out and announcements:  Sprockets’ birthday, 42, wow, but no respect for another 8 years.  Still, he was serenaded with a happy birthday song by a group of 14 men with little to no singing skills, at least that’s my opinion. Sprockets closed us out with a prayer. 

Sleepless in Hydra is from me going to the Ohio State vs UNC basketball game Wednesday night in Chapel Hill with my son who’s a UNC sophomore and getting home at 2:30am on Thursday.  I’m a native of Ohio, so a Buckeye fan and a paying UNC fan.  It was great to see Sprockets wearing an Ohio State shirt.  Go Bucks!     

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