Backwards running up stairs is a dumb idea.

Backwards running up stairs is a dumb idea.

A nice cold front makes for good WAMRAP weather.  7 men showed this morning to prove that out.

Disclaimer – oops.  With the temps all PAX got out of their cars and we got right after it.

COP – None

Thang- Up stairs to level 4, 25 donkey kicks, Down Stairs, backwards run upstairs, run down ramp to level 3, 20 Drag Flags, down ramp to level 2, 15 full extension jump squats, down ramp to level 1, 10 single merkin burpees, hold elbow plank for 30 seconds.

Repeat.  Each round add one more merkin to burpees – double, triple, quadruple and then the professional level quintuple merkin burpees.

Frostbitten skin – It was cold, a little bit of ice on the deck, and all men pushed hard.  Busch brought Red Card who proceeded to dust him and the rest of us so no one for Busch to talk with.  Job learned the hard way that those fingerless gloves don’t provide much warmth in the winter.  No slackers today, everyone pushed it and got in 5.5 rounds and burning lungs in these cold temps.

Announcements – sign up (late) for the Christmas party on 11/22.  Pay Mighty Might

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