Morning woods Soft launch!

Morning woods Soft launch!

The trail run started as training for a 50K for me and a few other F3 men. It has become a regular Wednesday morning run ranging from 1 to 8 men. This morning we had 4.


everyone have a head lamp as its pretty much required!

The Thang

Start at Nesbit park run to Walnut Creek trail head. Approximately just a little short of 4 miles. Return back to Nesbit Park close to 8 miles round trip.


I have had many people ask why we trail run? It’s dark and people fall and why would you want to do it. I look more forward to the trail run than my other posts during the week.

During the run you are pushing your self more than on just a long run. You have a destination you are pushing yourself to reach. You keep pushing even though you want to quit. The Adrenalin of being in the dark and the constant changing landscape keeps you very aware of your surroundings The accomplishment as you pass check points is rewarding. It’s never boring.

Running the hills and obstetrical works parts of your legs that you will not work in any other way. The first time you complete the Carolina Thread you will feel it in places you have not before.

We are adding this to the Waxhaw official schedule and encourage more people to come out of the comfort zone and try something different. The name is Morning Woods and we will plan on doing it every week Wednesday at 5AM until the last runner returns. If the trail becomes icy to the point its dangerous we may need to cancel a week. We have run it in cold and rain with out issues. If you are not up to near 8 miles other check points are available to turn and get a 5k or a 5 mile run.


11/16 – F3 Waxhaw X-mas party at Lawson Clubhouse.  

$15 and $10 toy per person OR $25 per person w/o toy

11/16 – Gladiator (Formerly Black diamond) 6:30 – 7:30. Will meet up Commitment for after for 2ndF at McD’s.  Dasher on Q

Dasher on Q at Floater

TBD on Q at Clyent Dinner

Thursday F3 Waxhaw Happy Hour at Queen South   

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