Scented Grundle Paste

Scented Grundle Paste

A quick disclaimer and reminder that Giants QB Daniel Jones learned his craft (of throwing interceptions) on these grounds.

Mosey over to the Lax field for warmup (IW, SSH, MC all 16x)

Mosey to the end line for full field suicide with 3 merkins at each line (18, half, 18, full)

Mosey around the Latin Lake back side trail to the Ultimate field. In route @spackler suggested that we should have done a few more suicides.

Partner up and do 25 WW2 sit-ups per partner. Then each partner split off and ran opposite directions around Lake Latin, upon meeting each Pax did 10 burpees before continuing their lap back to Ultimate field. Partners did another 15 WW2 sit-ups each

Mosey down to the rock pile at the bridge. Partnered up in groups of 3’s and grabbed 1 running rock per threesome…. Mosey up to the track for some circuit work

  • P1 stays at bottom of the hill doing Merkins and Freddie Mercuries
  • P2 runs with the rock uphill to the top of bleachers and weaves up and down each staircase on the bleachers. Exit to the bottom and find P3 at the field house on the track.
  • P3 was doing Lunges and LBCs before running to handoff the rock to P1

I think we almost got a full lap in before people got scared of the dark bleachers and changed their route.

We then changed the routine course up and moved over to the curved hill by the tennis courts.

  • P1 stays at bottom of the hill doing squats
  • P2 runs with the rock uphill to handoff to P3 for the downhill run
  • P3 was doing (or kind of doing) burpees at the top

Mosey to the rock pile for deposits, and finally an ‘all you got’ up the hill led by @leprechaun to the parking lot for 90 seconds of Mary (Flutter and LBC)


In the gloom behind Lake Latin, @semi-gloss thought he smelled a uniquely Brut smell from the front of the Pax. I commented that it was my new grundle paste. The record should show that no grundle paste was worn today, but I am now accepting business partner applications to create a line of scented grundle pastes.

Speaking of smells, someone cleared the Ultimate field with something that was said to smell of straight lead…. Get yourself checked @whoever dealt it

Smells aside, this Clemson grad was just trying to bring some excitement to the morning with a rock atop a hill and running down after giving 110%. My view was limited, but I only saw 110% from a select few…. @hammer, @deepdish, @marge, @revlon. I wonder what they have in common….

Thankful for the opportunity from @hops and @hopper to Q this morning. Quality take out from @purple-haze

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