Oh, the Burn!

Oh, the Burn!

At 36 degrees, 4 PAX realized the burn wasn’t from the air.

The Warmup

Started by the cars. Potato pickers, neck stretch, and hurdlers. Ran around front hill & ended at buses.

The Thang

  1. Ran to buses back by Shiloh Valley Primary. At buses, Cheese Weave and do 3 Jump Squats at each front of a bus.
  2. Run to the small track by playground by Shiloh Valley Elementary.
  3. 4 Corners of the Clock
    1. 20 squats
    2. 20 pullups
    3. 20 lunges (each leg)
    4. 20 merckens
  4. Run to the garden by Shiloh Valley Elementary.
    • 30 stepups on benches
    • 30 LBCs
    • 30 total burns
  5. Run to back rockpile of Shiloh Valley Elementary. Grab 2 small rocks.
    • tricep lifts
    • curls
    • chest presses
    • wide chest presses
    • overhead presses
  6. Run to the front hill.
    • Run up the hill. Back at the bottom, do 7s …
      1. Bomb jacks
      2. Burpee Bottoms
  7. Mary at wall by school entrance
    • NEEDS A NAME … wall sits and while sitting on the wall at 90 degrees, lift knee to chest
    • Dying cockroaches
  8. El fin.


The sunrise really was amazing. Stop to notice something beautiful today.

Apparently, Bullwinkle likes to argue, at least that’s what he said.

A “really peaceful” conversation broke out about whether or not college athletes should get paid, especially when their personal name brands are used to sell jerseys and video games.

I’m taking suggestions for the name of a new workout. While doing wall sits and while sitting on the wall at 90 degrees, lift knee to chest, one at a time. Holy moly, it’s a good slow burn. Abs and legs. NAME SUGGESTIONS?

El fin.


  1. Go to the F3 Union County Facebook page. Click on the list of members. Skim through to see who you know and haven’t seen in a while. Message them and invite them back. Go. Do it. For realzies.

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