Spalding, get dressed, you’re playing golf.

Spalding, get dressed, you’re playing golf.

We had a veteran crew of 9 this morning at Anvil. No FNG’s. A light disclaimer was provided and away we went. The men present were: Way, Snooka, Clover, Brilleaux, Pop Tart, Man Tooth, Lorax, Jet Fuel & Thunder Road (my computer always drops a few names).

COP in lot

LSS, IW, SSH, Merkin & Mtn climber x15

Mosey to side lot by Hwy 51 & get a lifting rock.  Run suicides to each island and back.  Do curl, triceps, and overhead press (10 each) when you return to the start point.

Partner drag to each island and switch.  Partner drag back to start point. 

Mosey to concession stand.  Partner 1 runs to a light pole while partner 2 does 10 dips & 10 durkins.  Second leg was 10 step ups & 10 calf raise.  Third leg was 10 LBC’s and 10 Fred Merc’s

Roll back to launch site for 5 minutes of Mary.


It was a pretty quiet crowd today, not a whole lot of mumble-chatter.   The Partner Drag (I’m sure there is another name for it) was pulled out by Scratch & Win on Monday at Base Camp.  One partner runs backward while the other partner resists him.  That was a pretty good leg burner.  I don’t think there were many smiles when we did the partner burn back to the starting point.  I was also informed by Lorax that ‘Partner Touching’ in general, is frowned upon at Anvil.  Learn something new everyday.  Nix the partner Monkey Humpers.

Everyone pushed it hard today.  Thanks to Pop Tart for picking up a Mary exercise while YHC had a temporary brain fart.

Thank you to Man Tooth for taking us out.

Thank you to Lorax and that other guy who is the site Q for having me out to lead.

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