Soccer Moms

Soccer Moms

Crisp, fall morning and we set out to do the 12 Days of October. Disclaimer given, one FNG present, we’re off.

A run around the track and up to the nicest field in all of South Charlotte and we began the countdown.

12 = LBCs, 11 = squats, 10 = merkins, 9 = mountain climbers, 8 = calf raises, 7 = Jo Lo, 6 = heals to heaven, 5 = monkey humpers, 4 = American hammer, 3 = IWs, 2, burpees, 1 = one-minute plank

After we completed the 12-days, we did some ‘choose your own adventure’ suicides whereby each pax was able to choose their favorite exercise at each of the 18-yard box, mid-field, and opposite 18-yard box. A few minutes of wall exercise and our fun was over.

Mole: great work by most, and while the usual on-lookers stood on sidelines, to which one pax remarked they looked like a bunch of soccer moms watching their children and talking about how busy their day is. We welcomed FNG Dryesdale (a banker reference from the Beverly Hill Billies). Welcome Dryesdale.

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