2 Trips to Gloss’ Office and 45 minutes of AYG Lunges

2 Trips to Gloss’ Office and 45 minutes of AYG Lunges

8 pax mustered in the Monday morning gloom…though the darkest gloom in Area 51 was less pronounced as apparently CMS invested in some exterior illumination.

Kotters to Torpedo who had been away from the pax for 18 months. Good to have you back, brother!

When Hammer showed up, he said “You must be on Q.” Aye. YHC rarely posts on Monday’s…no reason really.

Anyway, off we went – below is the brief Thang & Moleskinny.

Run down to the track for a warmup lap, and then some lunge walks, BK’s & High Knees coming back up the hill to the launch lot. That track is still poorly lit and poorly designed as it was full of large puddles from yesterday’s rain.

COP consisted of h-r merkins, flutters, IW’s & slow squats. At this point, Hammer was already modifying. His choice of modification for every exercise was lunges…except when YHC called lunges. But don’t knock 45 minutes of lunges until you do 45 minutes of lunges. Hammer will be leading a clinic soon.

We then moseyed over to the school benches for some benchwork consisting of jump up’s x15 (3 sets); LBC’s, People’s Chair with overhead press x20 IC, Incline merkins x 15, Dips x 15, American Hammer….and some other stuff?

Floorslapper, who was his customary 3 minutes late, and Torpedo disappeared around the corner of the building during this segment; but YHC assumes they put in the hard work. Floorslapper later said he wasn’t worried if the pax had gone off campus as he lives in Raintree and would have had a short drive back home to the fartsack. Daily Pink Pill?

We then moseyed to an adjacent lot for some broad jump burpees and backwards and forwards lunge walks. Hammer did lunge walks the whole time.

Jello was making some sort of moaning noise throughout the downpainment. Methinks he does this often. Any thoughts/comments?

The pax then moseyed over to Gloss’ office which, thank the good Lord, was open for business before the workout. If not, YHC might have had some serious trouble Q’ing.

Did some Walthar N’Djaiyes and more people’s chair at the office.

One more lap around the track and back to the launch lot to finish with some Mary including: slow flutters, 6-count burpees, CDD’s. Strangely enough, Hammer did standing lunges during the Mary session.

Finito. Gotta finish the backblast up and go do some work.

Announcements: keep bringing coats (men’s, women’s, kids’) to an A51 AO near you. Due by November 1st for November 2nd delivery.

Holiday Party: Friday, Nov. 22nd – SOB/Area 51 combined Karaoke Holiday Extravaganza.

Always a privilege and pleasure to Q. Thanks to Thunder Road and Jello for the invite.

Go encourage someone today.

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