The Humpty Dance

The Humpty Dance

Ya stare, ya glare, ya constantly try to compare me
But ya can’t get near me

Started the morning off with a slight bit of confusion.  No assigned Q due to miscommunication, but YHC graciously offered to help.  Bam, time to go with a fast hustle past Camp Gladiator.  Looks like they are getting a larger crowd.  Maybe I should start charging for this F3 thing?


It’s WAMRAP so we kept it simple.  10 Derkins and 10 Supine pullups.  Run across parking lot stopping for 10 8-Count Body Builders.  Run up deck stairs for 10 Donkey Kicks and 10 Calf Raises.  Back to middle of parking lot for 10 full sit-ups.  AMRAP – adding 5 more reps to the derkins, pullups, calf raises and donkey kicks each round.

McGee posted on no sleep with the new two-week old at home.  Apparently she’s very chill and an avid pooper.  Based on Porta-Potty usage at workouts I know some PAX who could be described in the same manner.  I just hope McGee washed his hands before posting.  And by the way, if he can make it out all crappy and tired, what was your excuse to fartsack??

Speaking of McGee. At some point between the birth of his 3rd child and WAMRAP he heard “The Humpty Dance” by Digital Underground FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!!! Seriously. He didn’t know that literally the rest of us had heard this song countless times for years. His favorite rhyme:

My nose is big, uh-uh I’m not ashamed
Big like a pickle, I’m still gettin’ paid

I’d really like to see him weave that into a LinkedIn post on Universal Indexed Total Value Underwritten Term Life Insurance. I’ve read those posts. They sound smart but I can’t understand any of it.

Turkey Leg is getting close to the Boston Marathon again. WAMRAP was a rest/cross train day for him. I hear the weather forecast in Boston is supposed to be worse this year than last for the marathon. Something about choking levels of volcanic ash and a locust plague.

Squid maintained impeccable form. Even going up the steps. No skipping steps. He hit every last one. All this while his boy Pop Tart was waiting for huntin’ season in his “don’t shoot me” orange hat and attire.

Taco Stand kept bringing it like he does each week, although this week he failed to bring two 20-something FNG’s. I think they’re his interns.

Rachel and Purell led the pack as expected.

Thanks to Squid for the take out.


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