And then there was only 2

And then there was only 2

So, I got suckered into WAMRAP last week, so I wanted to post again today because I surprisingly enjoyed it.  Come to find out the Site Q is DR, and noone else knows about the workout except me.  Poor Squid caught a ride with me, and we showed up 5 minutes early to find an empty parking lot.  McGee said he wanted me to Q, but I was at least hoping for a crowd.  Either way, Squid and I put some work in.

Mosey around and over to the parking deck.  20 x SSH, 20 x IW.

The Thang:

40 merkins, then run up first ramp and back down stairs to the start.

40 Heels to Heaven, then run up two ramps, and back down stairs to start.

40 squats, then run all the way to the top.  Hit the first set of stairs, and run up and down all three sets before starting back over.

We completed two full rounds, and then the first two parts of a third round.

Back at cars, 40 LBCs and 20 x cross crunch.


This is the first time I have been at a workout with only 2.  Goods news is Squid is a beast, so at least I had someone to workout with and keep me honest.

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