***** Happy 4th Birthday to the Original UC AO – The Outland *****

  • When:07/15/2017
  • QIC: Double E
  • The PAX: Madison, Glass Joe, Horse Head, Happy, Shepherd, Drop Thrill, Bullwinkle, Shake'N'Bake, Lumberjack, Arsenal, E-Harmony, Dr. Rhythm, Super Man (FNG, Dr. Rhythm 2.0), Stacks (EE 2.0), Double E - QIC

***** Happy 4th Birthday to the Original UC AO – The Outland *****

15 PAX enjoyed the Sweet Celebration of the 4th Anniversary of what has come to be known as The Outland!  What better ingredients for a kickin’ party than a Lot of Heat, Humidity and Sweat! LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!


4 & 5 Miler Pre-Runs – Madison, GJ, EE, Shake’N’Bake, Stacks (on Wheels)

** Disclaimer Clearly Given **

HairBand Half Miler Mosey around Hill to Bus Lot including forwards, backwards, Karaoke R/L, Shuffle R/L, High Knees, Butt Kickers, LSS while 6 catches up


25 x SSH IC
10 x Burpees OYO
25 x SSH IC
10 x Burpees OYO
10 x IW IC
Single Bus Cheese Weave Run & Back (1 bus in lot, had to use it!)
25 x SSH IC
10 x Burpees OYO
10 x Slow Windmill IC
25 x SSH IC
10 x Burpees OYO

The Main Event

Indian Run to Elementary School Playground
Along the way PC @ 1st Elementary School Wall w/ 50 AP
Lunge Walk entire length of chain linked fence

At Playground
1 Set Includes:
5 x Pull-Ups
10 x Merkins
20 x LBC’s
Repeato x 3
Run Full Lap around track
Repeat Sets x 3

Start Mosey back to Middle School
Lunge Walk Length of Fence
1 min Water Break
Stop by wall for PC w/ AP x 50
Mosey to MS Parking Lot Island Starting Line
4 cones approx 20 yards apart
Start at Island, run to cone #1
@ Cone, perform 5 x BombJacks, 5 x Burpees, 20 x Flutter (each leg one)
Backwards Run to island
Repeat for Cones 3, 4 & 5

5 Minutes of Mary

PAX Call!
Can’t remember all, but included
20 x Back Scratchers IC (CT Favorite)
20 x LBC IC
20 x Roselita’s (en espanole)
20 x Freddy Mercury

25 x SSH IC
10 x Burpees OYO



4 Years Ago A Few Good Men ventured from the inner loop of I-485 and traveled South-Easterly for what seemed like thousands of miles looking for a site suitable to begin a F3 Expansion site capable of transforming the lives of hundreds of Men.  Tired and Exhausted from the Journey, Counter Top and Zip-A-Dee ended up settling on a plot more suitable for a landfill that actually includes a County Dump on site.  Nice Job Guys!  Fast Forward 4 years and the Men of UC still seem to enjoy the land of the Misfit PAX and continue the rich tradition of the planted shovel flag, the sweat fest of the workout in Sun, Rain, Snow and Fog, and the land that has transformed hundreds of men into better leaders, better fathers, better friends and just better Men!!  Aye!

I think HH is probably the closest to the original group today followed by YHC by a few weeks.  Some talk and “Fake Hype” by Madison of a possible showing by the Founding Father CT, but all for not.  Madison was feelin the Pre-Run today and kept the pace brisk!

Great to see Happy back in Action after a new job has kept him away for a few months!  Drop Thrill as well!  DT has moved South of the Boarder but still made it for the AO-iversary!  And Great to see you and Bullwinkle trucking through the entire workouts! Injuries happen so it is great to see you overcoming them brother!  Shake’N’Bake has released the inner-runner and has lost nearly 40 lbs since beginning F3!  True Inspirational Beast transforming right before our eyes #Motivation.  GJ was Loud…. again!  HH continued his traditional Refusal of 90% of the workout but did not get injured which is key!

Shepherd is getting older (Respect), and I think along with that we need to give him a little leeway for total reps counted vs total reps completed!! Lumberjack is super tall and has to work harder to reach the ground!  Arsenal and EHarmony have been knocking out these workouts and putting in work!  Dr. Rhythm has excellent form and brought his FNG 2.0 today to one day become a F3 Ninja-Warrior!  It is great when we have a bunch of kids (2.0’s) out working with the men! Hey one day they will be the ones changing our diapers!



  • F3Conviction Wednesdays – Need Q’s – Need PAX
  • Prayers for The Count who is heading to Arkansas today
  • Prayers for the family of the little girl killed in the car accident

Shout Out Anything I missed!

Great Take out by DT!

I am always Grateful for the Men around me that help make me better.  You are many of those men!

Double E

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6 years ago

Great Q, EE! And great to be a part of the AO-iversary workout! But best of all to be included in the PAX at Outland for close to 3 yrs! I am definitely a better man for knowing you guys. ( And despite the “old” chatter, I’m also quicker at completing my reps than you younger jackwagons!)

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