KB 101 & IODs

  • When:05/26/17
  • QIC: Byron
  • The PAX: Hair Band, Drop Thrill, Glass Joe, Edison, Bernanke, Hoffa, Lamont, Shepherd, Shake & Bake, Playoffs

KB 101 & IODs

11 faithful welcomed the long weekend with what made America great…education and hard work!

SSH x 20 IC

KB 101 – introduce a teaching point and perform 10 swings each time

  • “Hips drive, arms guide” – all kettlebell movements are driven or originated by your lower body
  • “Long spine is a strong spine” – maintaining a neutral long spine position is crucial for years of swinging pain-free
  • Go Heels! – Every lower body movement and kettlebell movement should have a focus on driving your heels through the ground or step
  • Slingshot analogy – shins are the Y, hamstrings are the band, butt is the leather that holds the rock…load the slingshot then fire it!  Load and explode…hip hinge to full extension with long spine.
  • High pulls – bell floats to ear level and you guide it back through the legs. Elbow high and wide.
  • Clean – “zip the jacket” – elbow gets close to your ribs quickly and the bell lays over on the forearm without breaking or extending the wrist.
  • Snatch – one continuous motion with the hand “entering” the bell.  Timing is key and it takes practice so that the bell is not crushing your forearm.
  • KB Flow – “become one with the bell” (start playing hokey yoga music in the background at this point) – you can improv a KB sequence between swing, high pull, cleans, snatches, and more.

Transition to 7…uh, 5 Implements of Doom due to Q’s long-windedness

Scorpion Merkins – demo only – push-up while looking to the left and taking your left leg over your right leg as you lower. Repeat on the other side.

Get in teams of 3…one is the runner, one is KB flowing, and the other is hitting one of these 5 options:

  1. Tire – sledgehammer, flip it, jump over it
  2. 40lb. MB Squat and Launch
  3. Battling rope-a-dope
  4. Moving dolly core annihilator
  5. Barbell – users choice

Once the threesome has rotated through implement, run, KB, then the whole group moves to the next implement and repeat.



Shake and Bake encouraged a Terrain Run coming soon.
Conviction (new UC moderate AO) opens 5/31.  Site Q’s are Bullwinkle, Jabberwokky & Playoffs


It was an honor to share some gloom with this group of guys this morning.  Big love and encouragement to DT…proud of your hard work brother, keep it up. Thanks to HB for the invite and the rest of the Pax for the warm welcome and being open to the KB clinic. Aye!

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Drop Thrill
7 years ago

Thanks Lord Byron! Always good to see you since you like work for the secret service or something now. LOL

Thanks for taking time out of your crazy schedule to help us out.

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